Sunday, 21 July 2019

Blog 462

Oriental blossom.

Featuring the lovely Harl

[taketomi]_Kenji_Bento (tied)::Taketomi 

 :::Breath:::KIMONO jacket/4:Breath 

::K:: Leon Sarrouel Homme Black:::K:: 

Savage - Samurai Warrior Tattoo:Savage /Men Jail Event 

PBM Decor [Ruins] 5 Piece Set:PBM /Men Jail Event 

Monday, 15 July 2019

Blog 460

Rhythm of the rain.

Featuring the amazing 77

[taketomi]_Kenji_Bento (Untied)::Taketomi 

REKT_Soft Set Full w/HUD:REKT /Men Jail Event 


[Dope+Mercy] watch out pose grp gift:[Dope+Mercy] MP

Blog 461

Do you see what I see?

Featuring the cool af 77

tram F919 hair / HUD-C:tram 

Gloom. - Charmed Collection - Blue:Gloom. /Men Only Monthly 

  BOYS TO THE BONE sol leather shorts & sol tucked shirt - hills -:BTTB/kustom9

*Bolson / Tattoo - Vergilivs:*Bolson* 


[Dope+Mercy] Huh dope pose grp gift & Dual-use tote bag:[Dope+Mercy] MP

 -DRD- Newsstand:DRD /Uber 

Thursday, 11 July 2019

Blog 459

Dragon tongue.

  lock&tuft - austin :lock&tuft

  amias - KASH googles black:amias/Men Only Monthly

 .: Vegas :. Tattoo Applier Life and Death 120:.:Vegas:./Men Jail Event

L'Emporio&PL::*Scripta Manent*::-Raw&Blood:L'Emporio&PL/Men Jail Event

[Gild] Kazakiri yugi_black:[Gild]Japonica-2019 summer.

[Gild] Wrap ring bracelet:[Gild] / FaMESHed

Friday, 5 July 2019

Blog 458

Lean in closer.

Featuring my beautiful partner Jun.

  Dura-U94-FAT PACK A:Dura

  [Dope+Mercy] Munchen Glasses Headband:[Dope+Mercy] MP

 **UbS** Fallen Tattoo:**Ubs**/Men Jail Event

Mossu - Henry.Pants - Black :Mossu

[Dope+Mercy] Look right_01+02 pose group gift:[Dope+Mercy] MP

Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Blog 457

Be still.

Featuring the most talented Ralphie

  lock&tuft -  David:lock&tuft

  Gloom. - Real Collection - Blue:Gloom./Men Only Monthly

 Juna: Momo tattoo:Juna/Men Jail Event

::K:: Erwin Long Shirt Homme SaxBlue:::K::/  TMD

*AGATA* [Belleza] Alf pants :*AGATA*

 -DRD- Recycled Garden Nook:DRD

Ralphie wears:

::K::Traveler Shirt Stripe-Sand:::K::/TMD

 Necklace- [Gild] _leather_necklace:[Gild]

Saturday, 29 June 2019

Blog 456

Beach Bum!

Featuring the amazing pride gifts from Pride Festival

  lock&tuft -  stay down:lock&tuft

ALMA Makeup - Pride Festival Gift:ALMA Makeup/Pride

THIS IS WRONG Pollock tattoo:THIS IS WRONG/Pride

  Gloom. - Seme Collection - Blue:Gloom./Men Jail Event

 Cubura Pride Top Belleza:Pride/  Cubura

MIDNA - Pride Necklace:Pride/  MIDNA

THIRST-Pride Festival Walkman GIFT:Pride/  THIRST

.::4BIDDEN::. Weylin Jock :.::4BIDDEN::./Men Jail Event

 -DRD- Street Sweet Ice Cream Cart & umbrella:DRDSummerFest