Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Blog 129

Black Ink. 

~Tableau Vivant~ Rays Skin - Tone 03 
B O D Y L I N E#TMP appliers~Tableau Vivant~

[taketomi]_Tadao_Bento [taketomi]

.ARISE. Goddes Facetattoo.ARISE.The Fantasy Collective

.ARISE. Goddes Facetattoo.ARISE.CarnEvil

Cute Poison - Spooky Necklace Black:Cute PosionCarnEvil

[sYs] ICONE jacket (Male fitted mesh) - black/white:[sYs]Men Only Monthly (Feb)

[Pumpkin]Tapered trousers - Black - :Pumpkin

::GB:: Lace up boots_Black:::GB::Men Only Monthly (Feb)

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Blog 128


~Tableau Vivant~ Rays Skin - Tone 03 
B O D Y L I N E#TMP appliers~Tableau Vivant~

~Tableau Vivant~ JMJ // windy ~Tableau Vivant~

[CX]Beaded Antlers (Grey): [CX]Uber (Feb)

[The Forge] Diesel Mech Ear Piece (Steel):[The Forge]Fantasy Collective

- .HoD. - Dragon's Tail Gauges & Spirals Piercings - Slide:-.HoD.-/  {Tengoku no Rakuen}

BF Circuit eye makeup - icy planet:BFFutureWave

PMD - Mecha 2 eyes - :Pin Me DownFutureWave

[CX] Stitched Scarf Unrigged (White):[CX]Men Only Monthly (Feb)

[CX] Dragon Scale Necklace Chrome:[CX]KUSTOM9 (Feb)

.::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::.{Rogue~ sky} bracers:::Cubic Cherry::Fantasy Gacha Carnival

::TI:: Iron Fist - Silver:::TI::Fantasy Collective

.Inhale. Warrior:.Inhale.Men Only Monthly

[SWaGGa] Ethereal I-Wing :[SWaGGa]Seraphim Social

.Shi [Homme] : Couveture - Drape Vest {White} &  Outre - Leather Pants:.shi

DRD - geekmania - keyboard &   pouchbelt:DRD

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Blog 127

I, Dragon. 

~Tableau Vivant~ Rays Skin - Tone 03 
B O D Y L I N E#TMP appliers~Tableau Vivant~

*May's Soul* Samurai hair with rare eye patch and sticks*May's Soul*Fantasy Gacha Carnival

[CX] Hundred Chain Horns (Chained+ Black)[CX]

.HW. Ouija - Necklace // BLACK:HollyWeirdSuicide Dollz

:[P]:- Iktharus Pauldrons:// Strinne.:[Plastik]

.ARISE. Minu Facetattoo:.ARISE.

[BODY FACTORY] Maximus Chest Armor (Dark):[BODY FACTORY]We <3 RP

Legal Insanity - compton jeans black with silver belt and bandanna:Legal InsanityMen Only Monthly (Feb 20th)

.Inhale. Lotus Tattoo:.Inhale.

.random.Matter. - Baratheon Bracers - Black:.random.Matter.

grafica ~ katana (10 pose set):graficaMen Only Monthly (Feb 20th)

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Blog 126

Nature's Arms. 

~Tableau Vivant~ Rays Skin - Tone 01 
B O D Y L I N E#TMP appliers~Tableau Vivant~

~Tableau Vivant~ Choko hair - Unisex group gift: ~Tableau Vivant~/

.:a:. Dangara -Tiara & Collar- RARE.aisling.Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Persefona Butterfly AddON (yellow):Persefona

.ARISE.Gudu Facepaint HARD (tintable):.ARISE./Thrift Shop

 !dM RoseShibari - thornHarness **GREEN/RED**:!dM/  Fantasy Gacha Carnival

[V/W] Fairy Catcher Eyeglass V1 - C01:[V/W]Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Arhi  Big WIngs & Skirt Green:Una/ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

*May's Soul* Forest Tales- branch leg & rare jar:*May's Soul*Fantasy Gacha Carnival

~*S.E.*~ Druidic Wand - Carved:S.E/ Genre

Zibska ~ Discordia earrings & necklace:ZibskaWe <3 RP

Sweet Lies- Hador Bracelets: Sweet Lies/ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

.Keystone. Numa armlets & belt:Fantasy Gacha Carnival

.HW. Morticia Chain - Leg // Pentagram:HollyWeirdSuicide Dollz

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Blog 125


~Tableau Vivant~ Rays Skin - Tone 03 
B O D Y L I N E#TMP appliers~Tableau Vivant~

~Tableau Vivant~ Facial hair - Jawline - Dark~Tableau Vivant~/TMD

.Aphotic. 2 Rogue's Head Body's Oh My Flag (UltraRare) .Aphotic.Fantasy Gacha Carnival

.ARISE.Gudu Facepaint HARD (tintable):.ARISE./Thrift Shop

.Inhale. Machines Tattoo:.Inhale./Thrift Shop

 [Demonic]RARE Destruction face Tattoo:[Demonic]/  Fantasy Gacha Carnival

[V/W] Fairy Catcher Mask - 03 RARE & Sundial Bracer - ULTRA RARE:[V/W]Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Eudora3D StormWind Arm Pad, Belt & Neck Black:Eudora3D/ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

TURB - The Rogue Black Male boots, chest plate, belt & shoulder plate :TURBFantasy Gacha Carnival

Stitched-Rattleshirt- Black:[Stitched]We <3 RP

Bliensen + MaiTai - Taranis - Armbands and Bracelets: Bliensen + MaiTaiWe <3 RP

Candy Crunchers - Rogue Weapon 2 Hooks & Claws:Candy Crunchers /Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Blog 124


Featuring Leftrighteye.

~Tableau Vivant~ Rays Skin - Tone 03 
B O D Y L I N E#TMP appliers~Tableau Vivant~

*Dura-Boy*57 Dark Dura/TMD

.::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::.{My Love~ coal}horns Cubic Cherry/Collabor88

.ARISE. Bado Facepaint HARD (tintable):.ARISE./Thrift Shop

.Inhale. Machines Tattoo:.Inhale./Thrift Shop

Munereia - ST - Simple Essence mask Rare:Munereia/  Fantasy Gacha Carnival

::TI:: Dark Angel WINGS _ Black:::TI::

[Ascent] Therons Armor: Fantasy Gacha Carnival

~Misha J.~ Corruption Arm piece Black:*BC* MPFantasy Gacha Carnival

Luas Dario Bracers::LuasFantasy Gacha Carnival

.HW. Siren - Rings: .HW./Thrift Shop

~~~MempaMale~~~ MEN AXEL-BAGGY Black jeans:MempaMale

Leftrighteye wears: 

[Contraption] - Masks - The Three Eyed:[Contraption]

Death Row Desigs [DRD] - Devine Wings: DRD

 LOULOU&CO -  Liberated - Horns: LOULOU&CO
 .Shi - Figerless Gloves [rare]:Shi.
 [La Baguette] Painted Skull Head:

 MANDALA - Legendary Necklace:MANDALA
Balkanik - Evuza Custom_White Skull Pants,belt - Paris Grey
            & Badana - Paris Grey:Balkanik

Coepio - Mr. Handsome - White Tie:Coepio


Friday, 6 February 2015

Blog 123

Slipping away...

Featuring Aizen Kaliko Streeter.

~Tableau Vivant~ Rays Skin - Tone 01 
B O D Y L I N E#TMP appliers~Tableau Vivant~

~Tableau Vivant~ Harukaze  ~Tableau Vivant~

Lovely Disarray - Haunted Souls face paintLovely Disarray MP

Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::.{Undine~ sky} eyepatch .:::Cubic Cherry/Fantasy Gacha Carnival (Feb 10th)

.aisling. Savage Winter {Frost} horns:.aisling./Secret Affair

:[P]:- Iktharus Collar:Strinne:PlastikSecret Affair

.random.Matter. - Baratheon Bracers - Black:.random.Matter.

::B&C:: Triana Mage Staff:::B&C::We<3 RP 

*chronokit* Long Sarouel Pants black:*chronokit*

RACK Poses -RACK Poses - A Sensual Touch: RACK

*CS* Bad Cemetery:*coming Soon*CarnEvil

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Blog 122

Wolf, Wolf, Wolf!

Featuring Leftrighteye.

~Tableau Vivant~ Rays Skin - Tone 03 
B O D Y L I N E#TMP appliers~Tableau Vivant~

[KoKoLoReS] Hair - Rowan [KoKoLoReS]/We<3 RP (4th Feb)

-DRD- Witch doctor mask & -witch doctor staff DRD

- .HoD. - E L E G Y Makeup, Decay Lip Tattoo & Torli'ai Piercing Set *VIP Gift*-.HoD.-

[BUC] "The Chief" War Face Paint (Red & Black):[BUC]

Sweet Lies-Voodoo Collar & Bracelet: Sweet Lies

OtherSkin- Bewitched Necklace:OtherSkin/Fantasy Gacha Carnival (Feb 10th)

. a i s l i n g . Fangarth -Bracer- Black & -Shoulders- Silver:.aisling.

Obscure - Islander Axe Belt: Obscure

[sYs] BIOPUNK leggings[sYs]

.Things.- Dark Secrets Rare:Things/Fantasy Gacha Carnival (Feb 10th)

J's- Studded Long boots(Black):J's

*[Stitched] Bronn (KneeCaps)- Gray:*[Stitched]We<3 RP (4th Feb)

RACK Poses - Rogue Gacha RARE Couple Pose: RACK/Fantasy Gacha Carnival (Feb 10th)

~*SR*~ Into Dark Woods - Wolf:Sweet RevolutionsWe<3 RP (4th Feb)

~*SR*~ Into Dark Woods Ruin:Sweet Revolutions

Leftrighteye wears- 

Fashionnation - Vesper Harem Pants: 

Pucca Firecaster's Creations [PFC] - Bird Head - Red 1:[PFC]

DRD - worn combats:DRD

Dirty Land - Zombie Neckless:

AITUI [MESH] - Stretched Ear - Solid Plug 1":AITUI

.Pekka. - Hopeless Unisex Piercing:.Pekka.

.Shi - Fingerless Glove RARE:.Shi

MANDALA - Unisex Legendary Necklace:MANDALA

Endless Pain Tattoos - Moth:Endless Pain Tattoos

Fantasy Gacha Contest.

Feb 2015 Contest-Best Dressed Event! 
Do you make the best Fantasy Gacha Look?
When: Feb 22, 2015
What: Fashion Show 
Walk the run way with your best look wearing items from the gacha. Your complete look does not have to be all FGC Items but must be wearing items from this round. Make your look to highlight this round creations. In order to participate you must be a member of our* Fantasy Gacha Carnival { Groupies} * group.

Prizes: All 5 winners will get in Early for the May round!
1st $5000L
2nd $2000L
3rd $1000L
4th $1000L
5th $1000L

To register you simply  send a notecard with this title ** Feb Fashion Look {Your Name Here}**, with a break down of your look. For example: Taken from the Blog...thanks Karalee :)