Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Blog 137

Reflections of you.

NO!Project Hair_DASH Blond:NO!Project

TABOU. Alex necklace- Grey:TABOUMOM June

[Z O O M] Maiorn Glasses: [ZOOM]/MOM June

-David Heather-Being Shirt/Black/Black, Fain Fur Coat/Black & Prado Oxfords/Slink/Sand:-David Heather-

[Deadwool] Pleated pants - short - black:[Deadwool]MOM June

Friday, 24 June 2016

Blog 136

And all we had lay disregarded.


TABOU. Alex necklace- Grey:TABOUMOM June

.Facade. :: Raiven FRESH tattoo: .Facade.
-David Heather-Vlax Jacket/Black & Prado Oxfords/Slink/Black:-David Heather-

[Deadwool] Pleated pants - short - black:[Deadwool]MOM June

Le Poppycock-By Degrees pose:Le PoppycockMOM June

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Blog 135


[INK] Hair___JITA ::Black/Coal:INK

Lovely Disarray - Haunted Souls:Lovely Disarray MP/

[CX] Pierced Septum (Black): [CX]TMD

TABOU. Fingertapes +Rings BLACK:TABOU

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Blog 134

The Taste.

Modulus - Helix HairBase - darks1:ModulusTMD

*Dura-Boy*69- DARK COLOR:DuraTMD

[CX] Tongue, Rugged Collar - Black & Ironclad Claws (Black): [CX]
TABOU. Eclipse collar- Black:TABOUWe<3RP

TABOU. Fingertapes +Rings BLACK, Leather& spicked chain Necklace - Gold &  Grunge Gloves BLACK:TABOU

UC_leather_harness_all in 1_men_Tmp:UCTMD

.Facade. :: Shadows FRESH:.Facade.MOM June

-David Heather-Prado Oxfords/Slink/Black:-David Heather-MOM June

[CX] Pose playtime: [CX]

-David Heather-New Antique Gacha:Piggy Table RARE, Antler Seat, Wine Phone, Travel Chess, Binocular Lamp, Golden Apple Bowl,Golden Wall Fan, Fur Coat Rack RARE, Umbrella Bag/Black & Vulkan Trumpet:-David Heather-Arcade June

-DRD- The gardenhouse terrace table:-DRD-/Shiny Shabby

DRD VR bed:-DRD-

Scarlet Creative Alaouite Skybox Prefab Luxebox:Scarlet Creative /Luxe Box

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Blog 133

Letters to you.

[monso] My Hair - Kai /Light Blonde:[monso]/TMD

::K:: Shoe Cut Jeans Homme(TMP) White &  Polo Shirts Homme(TMP) White:::K::/ TMD


Scarlet Creative: Clesse Manor :Scarlet CreativeC88

Inertia - sprawled pose:Inertia

Scarlet Creative: Nerites Bed, Nerites plant & Nerites Clock :Scarlet CreativeArcade June

-DRD- lovers nest:Porch planter, chair, Tabledecor plate,  Bedside decor 2vases,  cabinet, curtains,couch, coffee table, chandelier & Birdcage light decor:-DRD-/Arcade June

-David Heather-Vintage Chair RARE, Vintage Radio/Cream & Rabbit Lamp/Cream:-David Heather-

-David Heather-Antique Tea Set/Silver:-David Heather-/Arcade June

Inertia - Heir apparent pose:Inertia

Friday, 3 June 2016

Blog 132

Wilder Heart.

Tableau Vivant \\ Editorial hair \ Embarrass:Tableau Vivant/The Arcade

INVICTUS - Slim Fit  Shirt Suspender - BLACK:INVICTUSMen Only Monthly


-David Heather-New Antique Gacha:Vintage Camera & Dinner Basket:-David Heather-Arcade June

-DRD- lovers nest:Porch planter, chair, Tabledecor plate,  Bedside decor 2vases & Birdcage light decor:-DRD-/Arcade June

-DRD- Gardenhouse: flowerpot 4, gardentools 1 & hanging fowerpot:-DRD-/Shiny Shabby

dust bunny . wanderlust . hedera caravan . RARE and lots of other items :dust bunny/Arcade June

{vespertine}tiny dwelling -travel journal 8 & tiny dwelling - wanderer kit 6:{vespertine}/Arcade June

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Blog 131

'Every day is silent and grey...'

NO!Project Hair_DASH Brunnete:NO!

::K:: BP Jean Jacket Homme Black: ::K::/Shiny Shabby

MINIMAL - Vincci Necklace Silver:MINIMALMen Only Monthly

[ kunst ] - Heron & Bolted rings:[kunst]Men Only Monthly

[Pumpkin]Slim chinos- TMP:[Pumpkin]Men Only Monthly


-David Heather-New Antique Gacha: Headphones, Piggy Table RARE, Antler Seat, Gallery Tilt,  Headphones Case RARE, Wine Phone, Travel Chess, Binocular Lamp, Vintage Camera, Golden Apple Bowl, Shotglass Container,War Medals Plaque RARE, Gramaphone Dock, Gold Flower Vases , Umbrella Bag/Black & Vulkan Trumpet:-David Heather-Arcade June

-David Heather-Stuffed Rabbit Tote/Black:-David Heather-KUSTOM9

-DRD- The gardenhouse decor:  clocks & wood shelf decor:-DRD-/Shiny Shabby

Scarlet Creative - Nerites Folly House MC RARE, Clock , Sofa, Fireplace, Plant, :Scarlet Creative /Arcade June