Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Blog 166


~Tableau Vivant~ Salty Tableau Vivant/Summer Fest.

:TI:: 4ever sunshine Very Broken Glasses -Blue:TI:/Boys of Summer

[IM] Animosity Back Pack (Mens) Black Leather:[IM]/Boys of Summer

AITUI - Rocker Bracelet - Black:AITUI/Boys of Summer

.Inhale. Proving Grounds Tattoo:.Inhale.

[Pumpkin]Composite necklace: Silver[Pumpkin]

::TI:: Foot straps Old Leather- Black::TI:/Men Only Monthly

AMITOMO.suspender look - T-shirt:  AMITOMO

U.W. Bermuda Shorts W/Boxers & Belt - BxE-Gray:U.W/Men Only Monthly

Flite. -Court Slides - Blk Metallic:Flite.

*CS* Choka surf board, beer bottle pose:*CS*/Boys of Summer

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Blog 165.

And it all fell down...

~Tableau Vivant~ Salty Tableau Vivant/Summer Fest.

:Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::.{Nai} silver haloCubic Cherry/One Word

Yasum*MESH*UnderCut  Scarf*REDS: Yasum/Arena (July1st)

- .HoD. - KYO Mesh Facial Piercing - Slide: .HoD.

.ARISE. Sila Facepaint.ARISE./Fantasy Collective

F.A.T Lust Sleeveless Blazer(Black Out)F.A.T/Men Only Monthly

MadMax black Pants, boots & elbow pads:  MempaMale/Arena (July1st)

AITUI - Rocker Bracelet - Black:AITUI/Boys of Summer

[CX] Metal Claws Rogue & Dragon Scale Necklace Chrome:[CX]

[CX] Sake Set Origami Event:[CX]

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Blog 164.

Battle Fields.

:::Phoenix::: Dante Hair:  :::Phoenix:::/Boys of Summer

PFC~Akuma - Mask RARE, hip guard &  Oni pauldronPFC/Fantasy Gacha Carnival

[SWaGGa] The Head Hunter - Necklace & Spine: [SWaGGa]/Arena (July1st)

:(SH): Serpent Banner - Silver : :(SH):/Genre

**RE** ReVoX Nipple Piercings**RE**/Men Only Monthly

:(SH): MeWo Necklace - Black/Silver::(SH):/The Fantasy Collective

{ DATUM } Faith tattoo:  {DATUM}/Boys of Summer

TURB - Dark Priest Dark armour:TURB/Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Blog 163.

Dark Dwells Within.

~Tableau Vivant~ Paper hairTableau Vivant/Shiny Shabby

E'rebos-Tinted ShadesE'rebos/Boys of Summer

Meva Necklace Single with Knife: Meva/Men Only Monthly

[AR2 Style] The Cross Tattoo II: [AR2 Style]/Men Only Monthly

:::Breath:::lazy shirt (black)::::Breath:::/Men Only Monthly

::BRAVURA:: Linen Shorts Black:  ::BRAVURA::/Boys of Summer

Elysium - Marcus sandals - noir:Elysium/Boys of Summer

::TI:: Foot straps Old Leather- Black:::TI::/Men Only Monthly

Friday, 19 June 2015

Blog 162.

I am Feeling Not Unlike Myself.

.~Tableau Vivant~ Morgan hairTableau Vivant/Shiny Shabby

Clemmm - Cabin Eyes /// Snow -Regular-Clemmm

[CX] Tassel Kanzashi (Midnight): [CX]- ORIGAMI

:. idiot . WAR Face Tattoo [FRESH]: :.idiot.

.ARISE. Cuso Septum:.ARISE./Boys of Summer

Kenvie - Lose Tanktop - Black:  Kenvie/Boys of Summer

[-p] DemonBaby Gloves [Black]: [-p]

7mad;Ravens:Guardian (Medallion):7mad;Ravens

{ Speakeasy } Unlucky Tattoo:{Speakeasy}/Men Only Monthly

Modulus -Volt Jeans - Black: Modulus/TMD


[CX] Scorpion Tail (Death Stalker): [CX]/Fantasy Collective

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Blog 161.

Messy is Me.

~*Damselfly*~(Tanner)*Damselfly*/We <3 RP

[LB Face Paint] Organic Tribal Set 2 Face2: [LB]

:Diamante: To Hell & Back - MESH Skull Septum Piercing -:Diamante:/Boys of Summer

.Inhale. Morte et Dabo :.Inhale./Boys of Summer

~Tantalum~ Baldig Necklace:  Tantalum/Boys of Summer

**UrbanStreet**Tank Top-Abst: **UrbanStreet**/Boys of Summer

7mad;Ravens:BeadsNLeather:7mad;Ravens/Boys of Summer

<*>B<*> Boaz Mens Red Skinny Pants &  Unisex Canvas Sneakers:Bomshie/Boys of Summer

{Reverie} Haight-Ashbury Bag - Vintage: {Reverie}/Shiny Shabby

Friday, 12 June 2015

Blog 160.

From the Ruins Sprung Forth...

~Tableau Vivant~ Jeremiah hair~Tableau Vivant~/TMD

[][]Trap[][] Scythe Horns Black: [ ]Trap[ ]/We <3 RP

 [ContraptioN] Masks: Compass Hacker: [ContraptioN]

[CX] Bone Tail (Black) [CX]/We <3 RP

[CX] Lethal Talons (Black) TMP:  [CX]

[CX] Feral Collar Black & Feral Cuffs Black: [CX]/Kustom9

7mad;Ravens Guardian (Cross):7mad;Ravens/Cosmopolitan Event

AITUI - Mechanical Wings - Daedalus, Black:AITUI/Arcade

SwaggedOut- Drowning tat: SwaggedOut/Boys of Summer

>glYph< Valor Armor:>glYph</We <3 RP

TURB - Dark Priest Belt [Dark]:TURB

~Tableau Vivant~ Leather skinnies~Tableau Vivant~

Wonton: Owen Military Zip Boots / Blackout:Wonton 

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Blog 159.

Dark Edges.

~Tableau Vivant~ Rileigh hair [faux dreads]~Tableau Vivant~/We <3 RP


 .ARISE. Atina Facetattoo (tintable).ARISE./ Fantasy Collective

.ARISE. Geta Septum / Gold.ARISE./ Secret Affair

[The Forge] Valkyrie Ears(Gold):  [The Forge]/We <3 RP

[CX] Ring Claws (Gold Blood): [CX]

.Inhale. Vessels:.Inhale. /Chapter Four

::Una:: ASSASSIN Collar Pads & shoulders/arms pads: ::Una::/Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Bliensen + MaiTai - Helena - Necklace - Gold:Bliensen + MaiTai/We <3 RP

Meva Feather Head Band Brown & Feather Wings Brown:Meva/We <3 RP

Wimey: Colors of the Wind Necklace (Gold/Brown.):Wimey/We <3 RP

:ENIGMA: Battle Kilt Brown::ENIGMA: