Friday, 29 April 2016

Blog 127

By your side, no matter how far.

PBM Mens [Cabby Hat] Woolknit - neat:PBM MOH7

..S..: 424 Denim Jacket: Sabotage MOH7

GUTCHI - Glove SF:GUTCHI/Sir Monthly

[AB] Relax Jeans Blue:[AB]MOM

Le Poppycock *Puppy Therapy*:Le Poppycock MOH7

Blog 126

Sit there and watch me burn.

TABOU. The zipper Cappy - Black:TABOU.MOM

-David Heather-Embelished Headphones/M/Gold RARE & Embelished Phone/M: -David Heather-/Epiphany

[CX] Doomed Biker Link ( Gold ):[CX]/TMD

DAPPA - Born Bad Tattoo. [FRESH]:DAPPA/Sir Monthly

flow . Streetstyleoutfit::flow.MOM


the pose shop. Brocycle:the pose shop MOH7

[sYs] COMOX pants Male (fitted & body mesh) - grey:[sYs]MOM

.Swirl Poses. - Chris 2:.Swirl Poses. MOH7

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Blog 125

Sun beaten.

NO!Project Hair_DASH Blond:NO!MOM

TABOU. Double chain Bold Necklace Gold: TABOU./Gen Neutral

TABOU. Aviator Glasses- Gold:TABOU. MOH7

[CX] Doomed Biker Link ( Gold ):[CX]/TMD

.Facade. :: Befallen Stars FRESH:.Facade.MOH7

                     F.A.T Ethan Blazer:F.A.T/MOM


Flite. Yacht Shoes - Miami Blue -: Flite.

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Blog 224

Here I Wait...

Tableau Vivant \\  Mon hair :Tableau VivantK9

[Z O O M] A.Romeo Sunglass: [ZOOM]/Sir Monthly

::K:: S/S Jump Suit Homme(TMP) Navy:::K::/Shiny Shabby

Kenvie - Diesel Necklace - Gold:Kenvie/MOM

[Z O O M] Holmes Watch:[ZOOM]/MOM

            -David Heather-Skull Slippers/Sand:-David Heather-/MOM

an lar [poses] The Evan Series - Five:an lar [poses]/MOM

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Blog 223

Throw me a lifeline.

Featuring my man Luke Caramel.

[INK] Hair___SURE ::Black/Coal:[INK]TMD

*COCO*_SweaterOverShoulders_BlackStripe(TC4): *COCO*

::K::Pocket T-Shirts&Roll-Up Pants:::K::/TMD

.Inhale. Burden Tattoo:.Inhale./Chapter 4


.Method-Moda. Leather Spring Sneaker_white:.Method-Moda/Sir Monthly

*PosESioN* Manu Poses:*PosESioN*/MOM

Friday, 1 April 2016

Blog 222

Spring, here we come.

Featuring my man Luke Caramel.

[INK] Hair___CHIGNON ::Black:[INK]

PIERCE - Accessories - Glasses: PIERCE/MOM

::K:: Spring Shirts Look Gilet-Mint:::K::C88

[Z O O M] Momk Deluxe Watch:[ZOOM]//MOM

Modulus - Boost Jeans - Hi :Modulus


{Reverie} 'Travelers' Bag  - Vintage - Messanger:{Reverie} /FaMESHed

*PosESioN* Manu 1:*PosESioN*/MOM

Luke wears: 

flow .  Jamesoutfit :flow. MP//MOM

 Location- The Trace Too