Thursday, 29 October 2015

Blog 195

We're all stars now, in the Freak show!

Deco by my bro Mickey Valentino.


[BURLEY]_Joe_Sampler hair:Burley

[CX] Wendigo Horns (Seed of Inspiration):[CX]/Garden Gacha

Lovely Disarray - Haunted Souls : Complete:Lovely Disarrray MP

antielle. Demon Ink:antielle.

[CX] Bloody Tongue:[CX]

[CX] Fur Stole(Black):[CX]/Uber

:(SH): DeathStare - Eyepatch::(SH):/Suicide Dollz

**UrbanStreet**HalloNeck-Black-UltraRare & tattoo:UrbanStreet/Suicide Dollz

::TI:: Chained Collar- Black/ Silver:Tabou Irresistible /Kinky Monthly

::TI:: Freak Claws - Bloody Rare:Tabou Irresistible /Freak Show

[CX]  Heretic's Restraints -(Untainted)& Spine Fragments- Silver:[CX]

::GB::Ripped pants(TMP)_black & wide braid boots_black:::GB::/Men Only Monthly

*Eternal Dream* Freak Show 02 pose:*Eternal Dream*/Freak Show

::TI:: Black Magic Recipe - RARE & Pearly Pumpkin - Black:Tabou Irresistible /Wayward Halloween

DRD MM haunted piano:DRD/

Monday, 26 October 2015

Blog 194

Just take it all away!



[SWaGGa] 20 Sided Necklace Red, Cheery Smoothie &  Lime Smoothie:[SWaGGa]/Geeks N Nerds

::GB:: cross catena necklace_silver:::GB::

.Inhale. Chasing Glory tat:.Inhale./Men Only Monthly Oct

Ariskea & Studio_12 Bracelets Ebony & Iron:Ariskea & Studio 12/Men Only Monthly Oct

[AR2 Style] Rhys Cardigan :[AR2 Style]/Men Only Monthly Oct

E-Clipse Veneto Pants Bronze:E-Clipse/Men Only Monthly Oct


-DRD- DRD Geek shelves light wood, square chair, round chair :DRD/Geeks N Nerds

::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations:{Runa} umbrella sky B:Cubic Cherry/Pastel Goth

::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations:{Runa} umbrella sky B:Cubic Cherry/Freak Show

{Reverie} 'A Weasels Story' Curious - Albino Gang - [RARE]:{Reverie}

{Reverie}'School Work Spooky Crafts':{Reverie}Kustom9

AtiK : Halloween Suitcase RARE2:AtiK/Freak Show

[blissiere] trick or treat bag - devil's night - RARE:[blissiere]/Freak Show

:::insanya::: Voodoo Dool - 12 (rare):[blissiere]/Freak Show

Friday, 23 October 2015

Blog 193

I'm ready for the fall.


Tableau Vivant \\  Hack undercut:Tableau Vivant/Shiny Shabby

.ARISE. Myst Marks / Dots:.ARISE./Mesh Body Addicts

Meva Mens Wood Beads Necklace Flame:Meva/Men Only Monthly Oct

[BODY FACTORY] Cropped Blazer (Brown):[BODY FACTORY]/Men Only Monthly Oct

Modulus Akira Jeans - Brown - TMP:Modulus 


-DRD- halloween decor set :DRD/Lost and Found

-DRD- stack of suitcases:DRD

-DRD- Mystery Manison-Music box, rocking chair, flower pots & ouiji :DRD/The Arcade

DRD burtonesque walldecor black:DRD/C88

{Reverie} 'Witchcraft Wannabe' Street Cat Albino & Black :{Reverie}/Wayward Events

{Reverie} 'Oh, Salem Dolls' -  Gang Branch - Noir [RARE]:{Reverie}-TAG

XXY - Under the sky pose:XXY/Men Only Monthly Oct

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Blog 192

Sneak and Peek.


Tableau Vivant \\Cameron hair:Tableau Vivant/We<3RP

Tableau Vivant \\Rays skin tone 1:Tableau Vivant

[CX] Heretic's Fork,Unsighted Nails (Corroded) & Talons:[CX]- TAG

[CX] Saint's Suffering Bevor RARE (Aged):[CX]/The Epiphany

::TI:: Strappy face & septum:Tabou Irresistible /Gen Neutral

**RE** Elegance Bracelets & Rings:**RE**/Men Only Monthly Oct

:(SH): Bladelover Bracelet::(SH):/Suicide Dollz

::GB:: cross catena necklace_silver:::GB::

 .Inhale. Outspoken Sleeves {Fresh}:.Inhale./ Fashion Fair

[Pumpkin]See through tee- Black- Type 1:[Pumpkin]/ TMD

[Pumpkin] TMP.- Skintight pants:[Pumpkin]

PEQE - Monster cloak:Peqe/ We<3RP

DRD Murder Motel:DRD-TAG

{Reverie} 'Witchcraft Wannabe' Noir Cat [RARE]:{Reverie}/Wayward Events

Friday, 9 October 2015

Blog 190

No place like home.

Tableau Vivant \\ Knot [Faux dread]:Tableau Vivant/We<3RP


Ariskea [Falling] Scarf Collections [Bourgogne]:Ariskea

:BAMSE: Dragon Eye Necklace - Silver / Copper::BAMSE:/We<3RP

D R O P . Hi Neck Jacket (KON):DROP/TMD

[Deadwool] Corduroy pants - red:[Deadwool]/TMD


 -DRD- Mystery mansion: library table, ladder & books:DRD/ The Arcade

DRD burtonesque clocks, Tea set & bookholder: library table & books:DRD/ C88

.::Cubic Cherry ::.04{Comfy afternoon} mug A/B, awesome story book,  pillows B, cupcakes,  yummy things & carpet A :Cubic CherrySeasons Story

{Reverie} 'A Weasels Story' Nursing Family - [RARE] & Watcher - Albino Gang [RARE]:{Reverie}/Seasons Story

{Reverie} Day Dream - Aged Chest - Vintage & Dreamers Dresser - Vintage:Shiny Shabby/Seasons Story

*Figment* Haunted Portrait:*Figment*/We<3RP

{vespertine} - slouchy chair/brown:{vespertine}

8f8 - Storyteller's Burrow - Garden House RARE & Library table:8f8/ The Arcade

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Blog 189

You better run!

~Tableau Vivant~ Eastern promises:Tableau Vivant

.::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations:{Serenity} blindfold red S :.:::Cubic Cherry::/ROMP

[CX] Elven Ears Long Tunnel:[CX]/The Gathering

Goth1c0: Blind Demon eyes:Goth1c0/Body Mod

::TI:: Bloody Septum:::Tabou Irresistible::/TTS

[CX] Tongue Trap Pierced (Silver):[CX]/ROMP

**RE**Raven Collar - Male :**RE**/ROMP

::GB:: cross catena necklace_silver:::GB::/Men Only Monthly September

[CX] Mercenary's Arm Bands & bracers(Black):[CX]/The Secret Affair

Goth1c0: Pierced Feathers Wings:Goth1c0/Body Mod

 [CX] Cursed Keeper Spine & Eye Scar:[CX]/Nightmare Event

 **UrbanStreet** The Cross Tattoo:**UrbanStreet**- The Autumn Effect Hunt/Nightmare Event

[AR2 Style] Street Pants - MAN - Black:[AR2 Style]/Men Only Monthly September

[AR2 Style] Street Pants - MAN - Black:[AR2 Style]/Men Only Monthly September


 -DRD- Mystery mansion: attic junkpile, baby carriage, library bookshelves, child's bed , library haunted dresser & Mystery mansion  :DRD/ The Arcade

Le Poppycock *Devil's Advocate* poses:Le PoppycockMen Only Monthly September