Thursday, 28 December 2017

Blog 139

In you I believe.



 taikou x momento / you and i - mask #2 &  Sneakers #1: momento/   taikou/  K9

 [Gild] Hood top with sweater_red:[Gild]/HME

not so bad . BRANDY biker jeans . fitted: not so bad. 

   AP - Think again 01:  : APHME

DRD - Group gift Wooden Xmas - Merry Little Christmas Decor & Wooden Xmas - Naughty List Sign:  DRD

taikou / dojima home:  taikou/uber

Sunday, 24 December 2017

Blog 338

Magic of Winter.


 Sleepy Eddy #Glasses Collection / Round (Navy) & Handknit Muffler (Gray): Sleepy Eddy

=b.b.s= Today's Basic Chesterfield Coat: HME

mind carlberg_tight jeans_RUINED [dust] mind carlberg /MOM


-IC Poses- Single Pack Male 6 (e):  : -IC Poses-HME

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Blog 337

Traveling home for Christmas.

 Tableau Vivant \\ Dagon hair  : Tableau Vivant/MOM

Purfect  Mesh Beard  A 003 Brown Purfect /HME

::K:: Holly Night Fur Coat Homme(Jake)White ::K:: /District 20

   [Gild]Skinny pants- white: [Gild] 


-IC Poses- Single Pack Male 6 (e):  : -IC Poses-HME

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Blog 336

Rather be snowed in with you.


 DOUX - Ethan hairstyle [Fades]:DOUX

::K:: WHG Scarf Homme 9 ::K:: /TMD


   Caboodle - Cozy Sweater - Black -: Caboodle/ TMD

not so bad . mesh . BRANDY biker jeans . black: not so bad/TMD

Deadwool] 20. Chelsea boots - black/all colors RARE:  : [Deadwool]

 taikou / international pay phone:  : taikou / KURENAI

*PosESioN*  Male Editorial 5 POSE 29: *PosESioN* /HME

   -DRD- His Miserable Holiday Set: DRD/ TMD

   DRD - GROUP GIFT - Butthurt Care Package -: DRD

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Blog 335

Fire is catching!

[Z O O M] Shut up & Listen Headphone [Style 1]:[ZOOM] / MOM

tram F1215 hair: tram

::K:: WHG Scarf Homme 10 & 16 WHG Sweater Homme(Jake) Wine:::K:: /TMD

  [Gild] skinny pants_blue: [Gild]/HME

[Gild] Short boots Red: [Gild]/ MOM

=Zenith=Mocha Leather Backpack (Coral):  : =Zenith=

 taikou / late night tunnel backdrop:  : taikou / TMD

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Blog 334

Fuck, not this shit again!

Barber Shop / William (hair):Barber Shop / HME

[Hipster Style] Strenn COMBO BLACK: facial hair[Hipster Style]/HME

A&D Clothing - COAT -Jensen- JAKE:A & D Clothing /MOM

     ED. W4ST Jeans  Belleza Black: ED/MOM

[Deadwool] Ulrich boots: [Deadwool]

Ap - Dont stare 04 pose:  : Authetic poses / HME

-DRD- My Miserable Holiday Set:  : -DRD- /  Tannenbaum

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Blog 333

And the sun will set for you.


*AGATA* muffler :*AGATA* /HME


[Gild] Belleza skinny pants_red:[Gild]/HME

[Gild] Short boots Red:  : [Gild] / MOM

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Blog 332

Going it alone.


*AGATA* Sam coat with muffler :*AGATA* /HME

     OUTLIER.// Ease Skinnies 517 -  Oynx : OUTLIER/MOM

Wonton: Ren Chelsea Boots / Black:Wonton

: KPoses Hud Man Special::  :KPosesHME

taikou / midnight tokyo elevator backdrop (window): taikou/  K9

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Blog 331

Do you hear me?

 -FABIA- Mesh Hair   <Rich> :-FABIA-HME

RO - Last Stand - Gas Mask - First Response:RO 

       [Gild] Afghan shawl_Black: [Gild]

...Scars... Skinny & Roll Up Pants:  ...Scars.../  TMD

AITUI - Kimura's Top - Black (Body: Belleza)*: AITUI/  TMD


DRD - Wasteland Backpack - HIS - Black:DRD 

RK Poses. David 2: RK poses/MOM

 -DRD- Abandoned Truck - Shelter:DRD /The Remnant

Monday, 13 November 2017

Blog 330

Late nighter.

 lock&tuft - dax :lock&tuftHME

       ...Scars... Short Duffle Coat [Brown / Red]: ...Scars.../  TMD

...Scars... Skinny & Roll Up Pants:  ...Scars.../  TMD

[Deadwool] 20. Chelsea boots: [Deadwool]

RK Poses. Seth 2: RK poses/HME

taikou / batting center gacha:taikou /6 Republic

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Blog 329


 Barber Shop / David:Barber ShopMOM

       -NU- Neck Warmer: -NU-MOM

::K:: Levi Hacking Jacket Homme HerringboneTweed-Black: ::K::TMD

 .S..: Raw Cut Denim - Black.S.     

[Deadwool] Patmos boots - black uber: [Deadwool]

[AR2 Style] Black 1987 Tattoo : [AR2 Style]/HME

-IC Poses- Single Pack Male 4 (e):-IC Poses- /HME

DRD - Spiritualists Shoppe - Storefront (full set):DRDSeason of the Witch

DRD - GG - Disgruntled Cat Perch:DRD

-DRD- The Bloodcroft HUNT; Hunters Case, Hunters Scrolls, Hunters Wolfsbane, Hunters Holy Water, Hunters Garlic,  Hunters Candle, Hunters Flintlock  & - Hunters Bible :DRD

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Blog 328


 Tableau Vivant \\ Miles M [Catwa] :Tableau Vivant

       Altamura: "SKULL" Gift hipster Body Skin Applier: AltamuraHME

7mad;Ravens The Cowboy: 7mad;RavensHME

 ...Scars... Stand Collar Jacket...Scars...

TABOU. Mario Shirt- Belleza - V2 /black1: TABOU.Industrie Event

RIOT / Syrio Men's Leggings - Belleza Jake (detailed bulge): RIOTMOM

fame femme : Leather chucks - Black:fame femme

DRD - Spiritualists Shoppe - Storefront (full set):DRDSeason of the Witch

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Blog 327

Hold me close.

With my love Jain Eto

 -FABIA- Mesh Hair  <Jastin> Natural Tones:-FABIA-/Hipster Men's Event

       ExalteD - T-Shirt Up White: ExalteDMOM

[ abrasive ] Leather Briefs - Jake - Sheer): [abrasive]MOM

 .Facade. :: Odin:.Facade./ MOM

 DRD - Bloodcroft Castle - Canopy Bed, Chaise - Black,Crypt Candles - Four, Side Table & Candelabra  :DRD

 : SenseS: Couple 131 pose: :SenseS

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Blog 326

I made you butterflies.

 lock&tuft - frosk :lock & tuft/MOM

       Purfect Mesh Beard & Mustache 008 Brown: PurfectHipster Men's Event

Ariskea [Falling] Scarf Collections [Raindrop]: Ariskea

 *AGATA* Cliff male top:*AGATA*/Hipster Men's Event


 [Deadwool] Chase sneakers - black: [Deadwool]

 taikou / lucky tiger ramenya gacha :taikou/Epiphany

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Blog 325

Spilled fruit.

 DOUX - Ethan hairstyle :DOUX

        not so bad . JON cardigan .grey ethnic: not so bad

N-Uno - Vincent Scarf // N 6: N-Uno

 [Gild] Baggy pants for naked_black:[Gild]/Hipster Men's Event

[Deadwool] Ulrich boots - (non rig.) reinforced - black:[Deadwool]

 Ana Poses - Buenos Aires Pose: Ana Poses/Hipster Men's Event

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Blog 324


 Stealthic - Rebellion :Stealthic

        [Avenge] Freckles Palette for Catwa: [Avenge]/MOM

...Scars...High-Neck Coat: ...Scars.../TMD

..S..: Raw Cut Denim - Black:Sabotage/TMD

[Deadwool] Patmos boots - black:[Deadwool]

 *PosESioN* Mr Hipster  Hud Animation: *POsESioN*/Hipster Men's Event

 DRD - Shadow Box - Series 01 - OCT 2017 - DARK DECOR: DRD

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Blog 323

Fall at last...

With my bro Yosh.

 BURLEY - Rory - Balayage:Burley

         [GA.EG] Mesh Heads Addon - BE08 Wolf Beards: [GA.EG]/Hipster Men's Event


::K:: Levi Jodhpurs Homme HarrisTweed-Olive & ::K:: Off Neck Pullover Homme AshBrown:::K::/TMD

::K:: Blancket Scarf Homme(Jake) Orange Tartan:::K::/FameShed

 Animosity - Egypt Bonus pose: Animosity/MOM

 taikou / yakiimo rearcar & mechanical scale: taikou

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Blog 322

Let's just crash, baby.

With my man Jian.

Tableau Vivant \\ Late hair :Tableau Vivant/ Men Only Monthly


Mossu - Kevin.Underwear: Mossu

: SenseS: Couple 129 pose:SenseS/Men Only Monthly

[Shoeminati] x13 - Respect sneakers: [Shoeminati]/Hipster Men's Event

 *CS* Mens Cave 01 - FullScene: *CS*

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Blog 321

One Last Song.

DOUX - Ethan hairstyle [Fades]:Doux

OHeMO -  Jude sunglasses: OHeMO/Hipster Men's Event

...Scars... Long Cardigan & . Moon Necklace[Black]: ...Scars...TMD

*KOM4MEN - RunningONempty - PANTS -: *KOM4MEN/Hipster Men's Event

::GB:: Trekking Layer Boots / Black:::GB::

::WetCat:: "Guitar Solo" street musician prop: ::WetCat::/Men Only Monthly

 - DRD - GG - Junk Yard Signs - Fix It Jesus, The Joint Coffee Shop Props: DRD

taikou / gaien market backdrop w. materials (lights on):taikou/ KUSTOM9