Thursday, 17 August 2017

Blog 315

Open for business.

featuring my dear friend Mila. 

Stealthic - Haunting :Stealthic

*AGATA* Jan Pants & Jan Top: *AGATA*/ Hipster Men's Event

 !NFINITY Stellar Bracelets -: !NFINITY/ Hipster Men's Event

BODY MOD - Rosa Livre Tattoo: BODY MOD//Chapter Four


 taikou / 2AM & dusk backdrops:taikou/KUSTOM9  

DRD-The Joint Coffee Shop props:-DRD- 

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Blog 314

I quit!

taikou / street denim jacket black:taikou/TMD

::K:: Slim Fit Jeans Homme Black: :::K:::/ TMD

 fame femme : Chucks  - Kori -:fame femme

:::ChicChica::: BeerTime food: :::ChicChica::://Chapter Four

-DRD- STeele CitY:-DRD-


Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Blog 313

Over and done with.

DRD - Wasteland Helmet - Metal Mohawk:DRD/N21

Tableau Vivant \\ Barbercut - Viking chic: Tableau Vivant/ Epiphany


DRD - Bone Injector : DRD/ Indie Teepee

  ...Scars... Layered Pants S [Black]&  Blouson Side Slits T:...Scars.../TMD

:::NOIR:::  Trautman Watch::::NOIR:::MOM

DRD - Dirty Combats- Boots - Colors: DRD/ Indie Teepee

 DRD - DRD- postapoc crashed plane camp: DRD

 Le Poppycock *Fruit Juice* pose: Le Poppycock/Chapter Four

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Blog 312

Dive right in.

With my bro.

[BURLEY] - Gabriel:Burley

[Z O O M] Omnus Glasses: [ZOOM]/ MOM

[ abrasive ] Adonis Speedo: [abrasive]/ MOM

  .Facade. Bali Towel- Blue Stripe:.Facade.

AITUI - Beach Bag - Blue Ocean:AITUI

ELYSIUM - Dude flipflop:ELYSIUM 

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Blog 311

Shadows beyond.

Tableau Vivant \\ Barbercut - Quiff:Tableau Vivant/ Epiphany

AITUI - Deux Top - Arizona: AITUI/ MOM

[Deadwool] Bounty shorts - striped grey: [Deadwool]

  .Facade. :: Ghost tattoo:.Facade.MOM 


AMI:HAI / Midsummer Memories GACHA / Ultra Rare set:AMITOMO 

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Blog 310

Ciggie break.

Tableau Vivant \\ Barbercut - Sideparted:Tableau Vivant/ Epiphany

::K:: Bandana Scarf Homme & Trucker Vest Homme Used : ::K::/TMD

(Yummy) Travel Camera - Silver/ Black -: (Yummy)/C88

 [AB] Mandingo Jeans Blue:[AB]


<K&S> ~Break~ poses.:<K&K>MOM 

  -David Heather-His Bathroom:-David Heather-/ Epiphany

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Blog 309

Drink and drink and drink.

#Foxy - Zeke:#Foxy/ Hair Fair 2017

-David Heather-Ever Shirt/Jake/Nude & Ever Trousers/Jake/Burgundy: -David Heather-/TMD

.Facade. :: If By Sea: .Facade./Hipster Event

 [Deadwool] Chase sneakers - black:[Deadwool]

Le Poppycock *Under the Influence* Bottoms up:Le Poppycock

  -DRD-Boho Backyard set - Lantern - One:DRD/SummerFest

Monday, 10 July 2017

Blog 308

Oodles of Noodles.

Tableau Vivant \\ Razis  hairpiece:Tableau Vivant/ Hair Fair 2017

!NFINITY Feather Necklace- silver: !NFINITY/MOM

DAPPA - Yeon Tattoo.: DAPPA/MOM

 ...Scars... Crystal Collar Jacket & Ripped Knee Pants M [Black]:...Scars.../TMD

fame femme : Chucks - Kori -:fame femme

 DRD - The Trashy Executive Table - Full:DRD/TMD

  -DRD-Boho Backyard - Lantern - One:DRD/SummerFest

Friday, 30 June 2017

Hair Fair 2

Hair Fair 2017 DEMO Group

Hair Fair 2017

It is that time of year again, Hair Fair 2017 starts this Saturday 1at July.
Demos will be sent out in our Demo group on the 30th June (friday) you will be able to try all the Hair Fair styles before the event opens, so that you do not have to deal with lag of trying styles on at the event.
Grab some friends, try on all the styles, make your list and you will be able to shop, fast and efficiently. Discover stores that are new to you, and have fun with family and friends in your own little Demo parties.
Copy and past the the following into local chat in Second Life and join the Hair Fair DEMO Group

It is a FREE to join group, do not join if it is not free, NO groups to do with Hair Fair are any cost, so if you get sent invites to anything with the name Hair Fair do not accept or join, as we only send notices in our Hair Fair DEMO Group and our Subscribomatic owned by HairFairSL Core or Sasy Scarborough ONLY.

There are no gift cards, reduced prices cards, or anything that suggests some kind of deal at the event. If you are sent any such item, decline and abuse report. 
See you on Saturday and onwards at Hair Fair 2017 where all purchases will donate a percentage to Wigs for Kids.

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Blog 307

End of the road.

Tableau Vivant \\ Edo hairpiece:Tableau Vivant/ MOM

!NFINITY Feather Necklace- silver: !NFINITY/MOM

 N-Uno - Jacob Outfit:N-Uno/MOM

 DRD - Wasteland Backpack - HIS - Black &  Wasteland Welding Mask - Nope:DRD

 DRD - DRD Belgain food truck:DRD

DRD- Garden Nook Set:DRDShiny Shabby

XXY - The wait 1 pose: XXY/  MOM

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Blog 306

Hell yeah...

Featuring my baby. 

BURLEY - Gabriel - Balayage:Burley

 .Facade. :: Rosier  tat: .Facade./ Spring Cleaning

Mossu - Kevin.Underwear: Mossu/  K9

 -David Heather-His T. Rade Closet decor:-David Heather-/ The Arcade

 Tableau Vivant \\ WE in London - Skybox RARE and decor:Tableau Vivant

XXY - Gluttony pose: XXY/  MOM

Hair Fair

This Year's Hair Fair is coming.

Pick up your Bandana Kits now.

Bandana & Subscribo 

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Blog 305

Music is my radar.

Featuring:Envi & here's his blog.

BURLEY - Gabriel - Balayage:Burley


BOYS TO THE BONE malmo tee - black : BTTB


 [Deadwool] Broberry jeans - black & Chase sneakers - black:Deadwool

grafica ~ ymyl: grafica/  MOM

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Blog 304

Getting away from it.

Tableau Vivant \\ Brigitte 2k:Tableau Vivant / C88

::K:: Boat Neck Shirt Homme(TMP) STR-Saxblue, ::K:: Denim Shorts Homme Used & ::K:: Bucket Hat: ::K::

ELYSIUM - Dude flipflop (Belezza): ELYSIUM

-David Heather-Closet RARE and all decor: -David Heather-/The Arcade

XXY - The wait 2 pose: XXY/  MOM

Tableau Vivant \\ WE in London - Wall frame & Skybox RARE:Tableau Vivant / 6th Republic

Friday, 9 June 2017

Blog 303

As the sun set.

Tableau Vivant \\ Twiggy 2k:Tableau Vivant / C88

::K:: Easy Polo Shirt Homme Black & ::K:: Easy Shorts Homme Black: ::K::/ TMD


ELYSIUM - Dude flipflop (Belezza): ELYSIUM/  MOM

-DRD- Garden Party Gacha: -DRD-

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Blog 301

On the edge looking in.

Stealthic - Haunting:Stealthic/ MOM

...Scars... Stand Collar Jacket Black: ...Scars.../ TMD

-David Heather-Owen Trousers/Belleza/Black: -David Heather-/ TMD

fame femme : Leather chucks - Black: fame femme/  TMD

[Z O O M] Carethor Glasses:[ZOOM]/ MOM

Le Poppycock-Unwind pose: Le Poppycock/ MOM

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Blog 300

Got ya' back bro.

Featuring my bro <3

DOUX - Cooper Hairstyle: DOUX

AMITOMO / Zipper Polo Shirt/SET4: AMITOMO

[AB] Mandingo Jeans M Black: [AB]/ MOM

ELYSIUM - Dude flipflop (Belezza): ELYSIUM/ MOM

[Z O O M] Starwood Glasses:[ZOOM]

Le Poppycock-Marinate pose: Le Poppycock/ MOM

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Blog 192

Summer's eve.

[Avenge] Matthew skin applier for Catwa - pale: [Avenge]/ MOM

BURLEY - Otto - Dips: BURLEY

AMITOMO / Zipper Polo Shirt & Belted shorts /SET4: AMITOMO

ELYSIUM - Dude flipflop (Belezza): ELYSIUM/ MOM

SU!- Pastel Sunglasses (GIFT):SU!

Friday, 19 May 2017

Blog 191

Hard days night.

Featuring Envi: Check out his blog

~Tableau Vivant~  #TMP body & Eliah applier - Tone 4: ~Tableau Vivant~//K9

~Tableau Vivant~ \\  Yoshi Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~//K9

BTTB grunge crop - black V2 - TMP: BTTB

[Gild]-TMP_ cross charm necklace gift:[Gild]

NOCHE. Running Shorts.Black: NOCHE./ MOM

  DAPPA - Lonely Tattoo.:DAPPA/ MOM

FLite.-Outsiders - Studded Black Platform:FLite.

-DRD- STeele CitY bar :-DRD-