Saturday, 27 February 2016

Blog 217

The White room.

Tableau Vivant \\ Domino hair:Tableau Vivant /C88

-David Heather-Gomez Wide Brim Hat/Burgandy:-David Heather-

xin. zhang dress shirt + mono-white:xin./Monsieur Chic

MINIMAL - Babel Necklace:MINIMAL/Men Only Monthly (Feb)

[CX] Antler Rings:[CX]/Men Only Monthly (Feb)

{Reverie} 'Box of Charms' - Upper East Side Watch - RARE:{Reverie}/ The Arcade (March)

[Pumpkin] TMP.- Skintight pants- Blk leather:[Pumpkin]

{xoxo} My Forever pose:{xoxo}/Sir Monthly

Scarlet Creative - Anastasia House set: house, cabinet low, fire, sofa & Drapery Metal:Scarlet Creative  /The Arcade (March)

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Blog 216

The Art of Sadness.

Modulus - Shea Hair:Modulus/HairOLogy

[Z O O M] Mercurium Glasses:[ZOOM]/Men Only Monthly (Feb)

[CX] Ume Hairpin(Gold):[CX]

DAPPA - Vladimir Tattoo.:DAPPA/Sir Monthly (Feb)

::K:: Shirts Coat Homme Mauve:::K::/Shiny Shabby

::K:: Double Scarf AntiqueRose Moss:::K::

ED. Rhys Jeans Portola:ED./Men Only Monthly (Feb)

MINIMAL - Boss Watch -Limited Edition-:MINIMAL/Monsieur Chic

[CX] Yuuwaku Geta(Black):[CX]/Creators Box

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Blog 215

I'm writing to reach, I may never reach you.

Tableau Vivant \\ Dia hair [svelte guy]:Tableau Vivant /Kustom9

* SORGO - NOWR Silver / BLACK (G) :*SORGO/Monsieur Chic

ERSCH - GM Tie:ERSCH/Monsieur Chic

Apple May- His Chunky Chain (C) - Silver n' Steel:Apple May /Sir Monthly (Feb)

:::Breath:::cold or hot(black) shirt & sweater::::Breath:::/Cosmopolitan Event

[monso] My Ripped Jean- Black:[monso]


-David Heather-Frog Bag/Red RARE & Whale Bag/Black:David Heather/Kustom9

*PosESioN* Coquette 7:*PosESioN*/On9

Monday, 15 February 2016

Blog 214

Killer, Kill!

Modulus - Rasmus Hair :Modulus/Sir Monthly (Feb)

**RE** Keal Nose Chains :**RE**/Cosmopolitan Event

[CX] Delinquent Scarf (Grey/Silver):[CX]/TMD

[CX] Knife Pipe (Silver):[CX]/Kustom9

.Facade. :: Death of a Bachelor tattoo:.Facade./Sir Monthly (Feb)

Modulus - Riano Jacket-Black:Modulus

R H Y E. - Furlore Pants [Noir] :R H Y E./Monsieur Chic

.Method. Rockstud boots_grey:.Method. 

DRD Secret Sidetable:DRD/C88

DRD- 11. Giant bookshelf 4b, phantom cluttered cabinet 1,  MB curtain, MB library globe and MB woodframe- into the west:DRD

Scarlet Creative Huntsman Manor:Scarlet Creative/C88

Friday, 5 February 2016

Blog 213

I can't make you love me, 

if you don't.

Tableau Vivant \\ Cricket hair :Tableau Vivant/TMD

* SORGO - NOWR Silver / TORT (G):*SORGO/Monsieur Chic

::K:: My Layered Look Homme Black:::K::/TMD

Trouble & Co. - The Lucas Pant - Charcoal:Trouble & Co.


[zerkalo] Black Line - Frames - Limited Edition:[zerkalo]/Monsieur Chic

Fancy Decor: B&W Rug:Fancy Decor/Monsieur Chic

DRD deerhead chandelabra light:DRD/We <3 RP

 *PosESioN* Cain 2 pose:*PoseESioN*