Friday, 31 October 2014

Blog 84

The Summons.


  -Sage- Havanna Crow hair: Sage /Sad November (1st Nov)    

::TI:: Fallen Leaves - Antlers::: TI :: Sad November (1st Nov) 

[Gauze] [][]Trap[][] Ripped Ears Pierced:[] Trap [] 

.Olive. the Princess's Gem Headdress  - Gold: .Olive. /Fantasy Gacha Carnival (4th Nov) 

[ MUDSKIN ]_Twinkle Eyes_Blue3:[MUDSKIN] / Tales of Fantasy  

f.t : Faun Makeup: Fable.Tale / Tales of Fantasy  

.Inhale. Unconditional tattoo: .Inhale. / Suicide Dollz

[Stitched]:Shath Black [Stitched] / Tales of Fantasy  

[R3] - Rae Wellie Boots R3VOLT /Sad November (1st Nov)     

Kei's Spellbook Necklace wings, Sheath Short Chain & Spellbook Tree 
Kei's /Fantasy Gacha Carnival (4th Nov) 

[SWaGGa] BattleSquirrel: Necro RARE:[SWaGGa] /Fantasy Gacha Carnival (4th Nov) 

~*S.E.*~ RMK Spells & Hexes Supply Kit & Crystal Altar -  ~*S.E*~ / RMK Halloween 

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Blog 83

Fall Out.


  MINA - Sid - Dark red: MINA  

Zyn ~ Abyssal Diadem - TealZyn / Fantasy Gacha Carnival (4th Nov) 

KALINA. Dark Side Of Your Soul - FullBodyTattooKALINA. / Cosmic Fair Halloween. 

!CS! Fractals Agua eyes: !Chop Shop! /Bloody Horror Fair 

[CX] Aural Penetration & Steel Goatie & Ring Claws:[CX]  / Uber (30th Oct)  

[][]Trap[][] Hexsight Cowl Jaw[] Trap [] 

AITUI - Ear System: Gen 4, Pierced: AITUI 

{Druid's Call~shadow-s} necklace .::Cubic Cherry Cubic Cherry Kreations. / Tales of Fantasy  

elska - Into the Woods tattoo & elska - Thankful Handselska /Sad November (1st Nov)     

..S..: 4th Denim jeans.Sabotage. / L'Atelier

/Dark Matter/ Chain Boots AEGF: /Dark Matter/ 

~*S.E.*~ Refined Cane~*S.E*~ / Totally Top Shelf.  

Poses: Del May  

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Blog 82



  ~Tableau Vivant~Nyoki Hair - Solstice~Tableau Vivant~  

[NI.JU] Oopy Goopy Halo . licorice[NI.JU] 

[NI.JU] Oopy Goopy Horns . cherry DARK[NI.JU] 

DRD - reversebeartrap CLOSED: DRD /TAG Gacha

.Inhale. Bruised & Bloody Face.Inhale. / The Unique Varied Event.  

7mad;Ravens Bloody Neck Bolt Chain7mad;Ravens 

*MAS* Tattoo - Let my Body: *MAS*  / Victims of Ink

elska - Wounded Bones tatooelska / Bloody Horror Fair  

::TI:: Machete Belt::TI:: /Bloody Horror Fair     

[SWaGaa] Zombie Chewer Harness & Zombie Chewer: [SWaGGaa] 

[CX] M Ring Claws[CX] 


Pose: Del May  

Monday, 27 October 2014

Blog 81

We Will Live.


*Soonsiki! Kaleidoscope: *Soonsiki!  

Ariskea {Cruor} The Queen CrownAriskea / Bloody Horror Fair

.random.Matter. - Borgin Horns - Black:  .random.Matter. / Bloody Horror Fair

:Z.S: Head trauma tattoo V5:Z.S: / Bloody Horror Fair  

[ni.Ju] Flesh Eater Teeth[ni.Ju]  

/Dark Matter/ Demon Eyes Mesh White: /Dark Matter/

.ARISE. Cut Tattoo.ARISE. /Bloody Horror Fair     

DRD - biter mask boody: DRD /TAG Gacha

7ravens bloody bandages7mad;Ravens  

.Pekka. Thick chain collar -Lock - Blackened Steel: .Pekka. 

.Inhale. The Deceived.Inhale. / Victims of Ink   

[BP] Erredian Belt - Ultra Rare[BP] / Fantasy Gacha (5th Nov)

Goth1c0: The Spine BraceletsGoth1c0 

[AB] DT Mesh Pants S CharcoalAmerican Bazaar / The Dirty Turkey Hunt 5.0 (1st Nov)  

L'Armoire ll Leather Sneakerz - Blk.GoldL'Armoire / L'Atelier

Pose Titzuki: Titzuki (coming soon)  

Sunday, 26 October 2014


Life in the Light.


~*S.E.*~ Mephistopheles Horns (Adorned): ~*S.E.*~ / Mystic Realms Fair 

.random.Matter. - Salvatore Eyes - Bloody - Obsidian.random.Matter. / Bloody Horror Fair

fable.tale : Faun War Paint:  fable.tale / Tales of Fantasy   

!gO! Ranger RARE- hood, apron and pants!gO! / Fantasy Gacha (4th Nov)    

ZYN Abyssal Sorceress Gacha Set - Lantern & StaffZYN / Fantasy Gacha (4th Nov)    

{Druid's Call~ necklace .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::.Cubic Cherry / Totally Top Shelf

[LDP] Bones NeckLace: [LDP] / Bloody Horror Fair

[The Forge] Crystal Vine Bracelets:The Forge / Tales of Fantasy 

::TI:: Machete Belt (Bronze): : TI : : / Bloody Horror Fair

.DirtyStories. Halloween lollipop.DirtyStories. / Bloody Horror Fair

La Malvada Mujer - The Universe TattooLa Malvada Mujer / Victims of Ink   

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Blog 79

Seeing Red!

 Featuring Titzuki.


MINA - Sid - Dark red: MINA 

[BP] Faranorn helmet- ultra rare: Black Pearls / Fantasy Gacha (4th Nov)    

- .HoD. - The Dead Piercings & Makeup Collection: - .HoD. - {Tengoku no Rakuen}

.Inhale. Bruised & Bloody face & Bloody F*cking Tape:.Inhale. / The Unique Varied Event (22nd Oct)   

[IK01] SLink Nails Applier - Sectoid StingerZ:[Ik01]- MPFeaturing Titzuki.

.DirtyStories. Skeleton Shoulder Pads:  .DirtyStories. /  Bloody Horror Fair

::TI:: Machete Belt (Bronze): : : TI : : / Bloody Horror Fair

[n.i] screwed.over necklace:  Bloody Horror Fair

Speakeasy :: Skin Canvas Tattoo: Speakeasy / Victims of Ink   

UrbnW. Mesh Slim Pants - TrueR SuperT Black: UrbnW. / L'Atelier Monthly Men's Event.     

-DRD-zombie apoc- armblade & sleeves - leather: -DRD-


Thursday, 16 October 2014

Blog 78

Dead Leaves on the Dirty Ground... 


*Soonsiki! Kaleidoscope *Blacks*: *Soonsiki! 

*OAL* Pan Masks: OAL / Tales of Fantasy.    

.ARISE. Wild Horns / Shiny_Gold: .ARISE. / Tales of Fantasy.    

[ MUDSKIN ]_Twinkle Eyes_Green1:[MUDSKIN] / Tales of Fantasy.    

[Ascent] Woodland Armor Autumn:  Tales of Fantasy.   

Speakeasy :: Dying Days Tattoo: Speakeasy / Victims of Ink (17th Oct)  

[CX] Ring Claws:  [CX] / Gacha Mania

Sweet Lies Acorn Lantern Fantasy & Voodoo Collar: Sweet Lies. / Tales of Fantasy.

FDD GS *Jassin* Fur Bolero Coyote RARE: FDD / Tales of Fantasy.     

[SWaGGa] Monir Outfit- pants, boots & bracers:[sWaGGa]/ Mystic Realms Fair.  

-DRD-  Steampunk belt dark: -DRD-


Sunday, 12 October 2014

Blog 77

Dark Magic.

Tales of Fantasy Preview. (13th Oct)  


~Tableau Vivant~ Lusch Hair - Solstice: ~Tableau Vivant~ 

{Faded~ black in sky} horns (I) .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations: Cubic Cherry /Body Mod.   

*SP/OAL* Ember's Horns (Ultra)C: OAL / Tales of Fantasy. (13th Oct)   

{Wicked} Peach - Feral Pack 2 - Face Tattoo:{Wicked} Peach / Tales of Fantasy. (13th Oct)   


. aisling . Emily Necklace: .aisling. / Tales of Fantasy. (13th Oct)  

Speakeasy :: Strange Clouds Tat:Speakeasy / Body Mod.  

[IK01] SLink Nails Applier - ScratcherZ DARK!:  [IK01] MP

* May's Soul* Titania scarf: * May's Soul* / Mystic Realms Fair.  

Dionysus S (Black) faun legs: Stitched / Tales of Fantasy. (13th Oct)    

[Gauze] Fenrir Men's Leather Vest:[Gauze]/ Mystic Realms Fair.  

7mad;Ravens: Dream Bracers: 7mad;Ravens / Body Mod.   

/Dark Matter/ TWH Staff Galaxymage Rare & Book of Spells:/Dark Matter// The Witching Hour Gacha (Oct 13th) 

RIDIC. - Fairy Dust Pose: RIDIC. / Tales of Fantasy. (13th Oct)    


Friday, 10 October 2014

Blog 76.

Hunt or be Hunted.


Check out Jestyr's blog here: justjestyr

*Soonsiki! Kaleidoscope *Blacks*:*Soonsik! 

~*Souzou Eien*~ ~*S.E.*~ Mephistopheles Horns: S.E /Mystic Realms Fair.  

.HW. Thana -Headpiece-: HollyWerid / Body Mod.  

.HW. Hex -Dermal/Piercing (Black Widow)RARE: HollyWerid / URBAN UNITED // HALLOWEEN BLACKOUT  

. aisling . Yrs - Fantasy Earrings: .aisling. / Tales of Fantasy. (13th Oct)  

- .HoD. - E L E G Y MESH Facial  Piercings & Makeup Set: .HoD.

.Inhale. Unforgiven Tattoo :.Inhale. / Body Mod.  

* May's Soul* Titania scarf & Moon staff: * May's Soul* / Mystic Realms Fair.  

 -Fox.Poison- Silver Feathers(Red: -Fox. Posion- / Mystic Realms Fair.  

DRD- Medieval bracers:DRD/ Mystic Realms Fair. 

[The Forge] Chain Mail Vest: [The Forge] / Mystic Realms Fair.  

[Gauze] Sleepy Hollow - Demon Hooves & Fenrir-Pauldrons:[Gauze]/ Mystic Realms Fair. 

RACK Poses - Crusade with axe: RACK


Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Blog 75

A Little bit of Magic. 

Preview of Mystic Realms Faire. (10th Oct)


Cubic Cherry Kre-ations:{Captive Moon~ white wood}horns:Cubic Cherry / Mystic Realms Fair.  

~*Souzou Eien*~ TG Myth Of Innocence Circlet Ultra rare: S.E 

-Fox.Poison- Fly Silver Circlet & Small Silver chain: Pure Poison / Mystic Realms Fair.  

~Tableau Vivant~ Francis Hair - Solstice: ~Tableau Vivant~

~*S.E.*~ Inner Flame Mesh Eyes: S.E / Mystic Realms Fair.  

[][]Trap[][] Ripped Ears Pierced: [[TRAP]]

Riske - Ritual Tattoo :Riske 

[IK01] SLink Nails Applier - ScratcherZ DARK!: [IK01] MP

 .storybook. - Soleil - Noir pauldrons and bracers & 
 Kadlin - Abyss chest piece: .storybook. / Mystic Realms Fair.  

[Gauze] Sleepy Hollow - Demon Hooves:[Gauze]/ Mystic Realms Fair. 


Saturday, 4 October 2014

Blog 74

All the Saints and Sinners. 


[SWaGGa] [SWaGGa] St. Paul Mask and TopHat: [SWaGGa] / TTS 

AITUI - Ear System: Gen 4, Heart Plugs: AITUI / N21

Speakeasy :: Death Bed Tattoo: Speakeasy / Suicide Dollz

 [AB] Jogg Capri Black: American Bazaar / Cosmo Sales Room

.Shi : Hesed Neck Warmer {Old Book}:.Shi

7mad;Ravens Neon.Wings Demon: 7mad;Ravens  

-DRD- bullets male belt (mono): -DRD-

PFC~Raven Pauldrons:PFC 

J's Studded Long boots (Black): J's


Friday, 3 October 2014

Blog 73



[SWaGGa] Jack-o-Light: [SWaGGa] / TTS 

[AB] Vans Hoodie Black: American Bazaar / Cosmo Sales Room

Orion - Corduroy pants - Black:  Orion / The Pier Market 

[SWaGGa] Zombie Chewer: [SWaGGa] / Level Up 

.random.Matter. - Baratheon Bracers - Black: .random.matter.

[The Forge] Pauldron - Rust:[The Forge] 

*COCO*_KneePads: *COCO*

[Deadwool] Patmos boots - black: [Deadwool]

[ContraptioN] Dulci'matic: The Children (rare):[ContraptionN]/ The Arcade

Pose  Titzuki Creep: Titzuki