Blog 79

Seeing Red!

 Featuring Titzuki.


MINA - Sid - Dark red: MINA 

[BP] Faranorn helmet- ultra rare: Black Pearls / Fantasy Gacha (4th Nov)    

- .HoD. - The Dead Piercings & Makeup Collection: - .HoD. - {Tengoku no Rakuen}

.Inhale. Bruised & Bloody face & Bloody F*cking Tape:.Inhale. / The Unique Varied Event (22nd Oct)   

[IK01] SLink Nails Applier - Sectoid StingerZ:[Ik01]- MPFeaturing Titzuki.

.DirtyStories. Skeleton Shoulder Pads:  .DirtyStories. /  Bloody Horror Fair

::TI:: Machete Belt (Bronze): : : TI : : / Bloody Horror Fair

[n.i] screwed.over necklace:  Bloody Horror Fair

Speakeasy :: Skin Canvas Tattoo: Speakeasy / Victims of Ink   

UrbnW. Mesh Slim Pants - TrueR SuperT Black: UrbnW. / L'Atelier Monthly Men's Event.     

-DRD-zombie apoc- armblade & sleeves - leather: -DRD-



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