Blog 78

Dead Leaves on the Dirty Ground... 


*Soonsiki! Kaleidoscope *Blacks*: *Soonsiki! 

*OAL* Pan Masks: OAL / Tales of Fantasy.    

.ARISE. Wild Horns / Shiny_Gold: .ARISE. / Tales of Fantasy.    

[ MUDSKIN ]_Twinkle Eyes_Green1:[MUDSKIN] / Tales of Fantasy.    

[Ascent] Woodland Armor Autumn:  Tales of Fantasy.   

Speakeasy :: Dying Days Tattoo: Speakeasy / Victims of Ink (17th Oct)  

[CX] Ring Claws:  [CX] / Gacha Mania

Sweet Lies Acorn Lantern Fantasy & Voodoo Collar: Sweet Lies. / Tales of Fantasy.

FDD GS *Jassin* Fur Bolero Coyote RARE: FDD / Tales of Fantasy.     

[SWaGGa] Monir Outfit- pants, boots & bracers:[sWaGGa]/ Mystic Realms Fair.  

-DRD-  Steampunk belt dark: -DRD-



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