Thursday, 31 July 2014

Blog 46

 Don't F**K with my unicorn.

Action Mesh Hair Jimmy Flashed: Action
RO - CogsWorth Horns Container: RO

[Modern.Couture] Jewellery - Spiked Silver-: [Modern.Couture]/Trend Fashion Fair (August 1st) 

Soh! shirt, pants, socks and boots:Soh! /Trend Fashion Fair (August 1st)

~Oathkeeper~ Siren's call:Oathkeeper MP /
Tales of Fantasy (August 10th).

Nana - Tuteur Grumpycorn: Nana
Pose- Del May -Seek: Del May



Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Noose around your neck.

 Blog 45:Noose around your neck.

[INK] Hair___UBER:INK/The Hair Fair
Aesthetica- Alibi Mask: Aesthetica

-DRD-  Brynhild armor shoulders: -DRD-

Zyn ~ Dark Huntress Headpiece-: Zyn/Tales of Fantasy (August 10th).

(C)POETE Black- shirt, pants and gloves:Champagne /Trend Fashion Fair (August 1st) 

..::ILLI::.. SLink Charles loafers:ILLI MP /Trend Fashion Fair (August 1st) 
Pose- Del May -Weight: Del May

Friday, 25 July 2014

Still my beating heart.

 Blog 44:Still my beating heart.

MINA - Sid - Dark red hair: MINA
Goth1c0: Leather Bondage Mask:Goth1c0 / Project Limited

-DRD-  Dark iron armor: -DRD-/Project Limited

SwaggedOut - Native Heart tattoo-: SwaggedOut/Bro Couture
7 Deadly s{K}ins - Erik: 7 Deadly Skins /Bro Couture
::LikeA:: DENIM BLACK BKH303 DRAGON shorts: LikeA /TMD
Pose- Del May -Spiritual: Del May

Built Upon Your Bones.

Blog 43: Built upon your bones.
 OPIUM Hunger Games Preview- August 1st.

~Tableau Vivant~ Francis Hair - Solstice:~tableau Vivant~/Hair Fair
(C)EPIC Pink: Sleeveless shirt, pants, cuffs and shoulder ornament: Champagne

Pure Poison - Adam Sandals - Black:Pure Poison

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Roses in the Hospital.

Blog 42:Roses in the Hospital.
Bro Couture: Bro Couture

[INK] Hair___UBER:INK/The Hair Fair
Orion - Blazer - Red: Orion/ Bro Couture

{ A P N E A } - Lips Henley Tank: Bro Couture
.potcha & 2 byte . basic crop pants (green):potcha & 2 byte../(TMD)
[Bay Harbor] Gum Sole Sneaker (Red):Bay Harbor. /Bro Couture

Friday, 18 July 2014

And The Flames Licked.

 Blog 41:And the flames licked .

RO - CogsWorth Horns Container: RO/Secret Affair
[ContraptioN] Blazing Pyre *default*: [ContraptioN]/Season's Story

~Tableau Vivant~ Dreads line - Darcy: ~Tableau Vivant~/Hair Fair

Pure Poison - Cancer Wings -: Pure Poison/OMGacha
7ravens bloody bandages: 7ravens/ Project Limited
Goth1c0: The Spine Bracelet: Goth1c0 / Project Limited
D R O P . Slim Pants (Leo): DROP
Pose- Del May - Karma: Del May

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Golden Eagle!

 Blog 40: Golden Eagle.

Most of the items are part of a free hunt at:

 Transit't - Imago Anatopism.


Featuring Titzuki: Titzuki's Blog.

/Wasabi Pills/ Teeloh Blacks: Wasabi

.Reckless. - To Kill tattoo: .Reckless.

Lovely Disarray - The Vanquisher: Lovely Disarray

titzuki : Demon hands and feet with Slink hud: titzuki
.Shi : Outre [Homme] Leather Pants{Black}: .Shi
Free hunt items: Robe, bracelets, golden spheres, poses, mask and wings.

Friday, 11 July 2014

Loved to Death.

 Blog 39: Loved to Death.

Crime Scene Investigation:Boudoir./MoG (Opening 12th July)
N1CO Black Knight Armour: N1CO/MoG (Opening 12th July)

titzuki : Demon hands and feet with Slink hud: titzuki
.Shi : Hesed Neck Warmer {Old Book}: .Shi
.Shi : .Shi : Outre [Homme] Leather Pants{Black}: .Shi
. Anchor & Co. Anchor & Co. (Dip Pose Collection): Anchor & Co./ (Project Limited.)

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Take Me Higher.

 Blog 38: Take Me Higher.

little bones. Ultraviolence - Ombre&Roots:little bones. /(Chapter 4)
Obscure - Bushido Mask - (Red):Obsure. / Manga Fair. 
. potcha & 2 byte . basic boxy shirt: potcha & 2 byte./(TMD)
. Anchor & Co. Sweat Pants (Black): Anchor & Co./ (Project Limited.)

Friday, 4 July 2014

Letting Go.

 Blog 37: Letting Go.

Soothe. Botanical Hat (marmaid): Soothe./(Chapter 4)
[INK] Hair___JIJI ::Black: [INK] 
. potcha & 2 byte . basic boxy shirt (santacruz: potcha & 2 byte./(TMD)
. potcha & 2 byte . basic crop pants (green):potcha & 2 byte../(TMD)
*Tentacio* My polaroid yellow:*Tentacio*/(Chapter 4)
:NuDoLu: Sandale des vacances- Kaki::NuDoLu:/(Chapter 4)

Thursday, 3 July 2014

The Judged!

 Blog 36: The Judged!

MINA - Jett / Brett - Dark red: MINA /(Rhapsody)
7 Deadly s{K}ins - Judas: 7 Deadly s {K}ins
-DRD- ancient egypt gauntlet: DRD /(OMGacha)
-DRD-  Ancient egypt- snake armbands: DRD /(OMGacha)
-DRD- ancient egyptian tool belt:DRD /(OMGacha)
-DRD- ancient staff bastet:DRD /(OMGacha)
-DRD-  Ancient egypt- bastet mask  RARE:DRD /(OMGacha)
...Scars...Shirring sarrouel pants [Beige]:...Scars...

Tuesday, 1 July 2014


 Blog 35:Destroy...Destroy..!

MINA - Jett / Brett - Dark red: MINA /(Rhapsody)
7mad;Ravens NeonWings Bat: 7mad; Ravens /(OMGacha)
::TI:: Dark Skeletor Head Horns _RARE: ::IT:: /(OMGacha)
::TI:: Punisher Feet Chain- Black: ::IT:: /(OMGacha)
::TI:: Punisher Hand Chain- Black:::IT:: /(OMGacha)
::TI:: Punisher Stick Ball- Black- RARE:::IT:: (OMGacha)
D R O P . Slim Pants (Black): DROP /(Rhapsody)
Pose- Del May - Getaway: Del May