Sunday, 29 November 2015

WOW Blog 200...!

Every word you ever said, burnt a hole into my head.



Modulus - Kyo Coat - Brown:Modulus/Tannenbaum

V-Spot - Worn Suspender Jeans TAN:V-Spot/Men Only Monthly


PPK Camp Sex furs RARE:PPK/Fantasy Gacha Carnival Nov

DRD Mystic Bastion-SNOW, library globe, shield D1 ,Giant bookshelves, library fireplace, side table brown, small candelabra 5 candles, knight decor,  :DRD/The Arcade (1st Dec)

Le Poppycock poses @ MOM-November:Le Poppycock/Men Only Monthly

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Blog 199

Every note handwritten.


Modulus - Nozi Hair:Modulus

7mad;Ravens WCFS-Wine scarf:7mad;Ravens

:::Breath:::winter coat::::Breath:::/Men Only Monthly

[monso] My Ripped Jean Black:[monso]

 [Deadwool] Ulrich boots - black:[Deadwool]/Lost and Found

::TI:: Get Lost Bag:::TI::/Men Only Monthly

Sway's [Victoria] hanging Lamps. silver / orange, sun & candy:Sway's/Fantasy Gacha Carnival Nov

Friday, 20 November 2015

Blog 198

Divine destiny; written in the stars.


Tableau Vivant \\ Johnny Hair:Tableau Vivant/Shiny Shabby

**RE** Ewan Necklace:**RE**/Men Only Monthly

.Inhale. Dear Insanity ~Black~:.Inhale./Sad November

F.A.T Jon Fur Cardigan:F.A.T/Men Only Monthly

[CX] Bound Wristbands(Silver) :[CX]/Men Only Monthly

E-Clipse Veneto Pant Bronze:E-Clipse


Le Poppycock poses:Le Poppycock/Men Only Monthly

22769 ~ [bauwerk] This is Where Miracles Happen:Round Rug & house:22769 [bauwerk]/We<3RP

22769 ~ [bauwerk] The Astonomer set:Desk RARE,Writing Set,  Lenses Telescope, Tripod Telescope, Moon Globe & Armillary Sphere  :22769 [bauwerk]/Fantasy Gacha Carnival Nov

.random.Matter. - Astronomer Set -Guide Book:.random.Matter./Fantasy Gacha Carnival Nov

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Blog 197

You made the world stand still...then I fell.


Tableau Vivant \\ Kyou hair:Tableau Vivant/We<3RP Nov

Tableau Vivant \\ Tox Skin (Tone 03):Tableau Vivant/TMD

Modulus Stubble Heavy:Modulus /TMD

[SWaGGa] Bamboo Necklace:[SWaGGa]/We<3RP Nov

!BaaaH! Store - 1976 Tattoo :!Baaah! Store/Sad November

[CX] Snakebone Earrings:[CX]

::TI:: Akira Septum - Silver:::TI::/Gen-Neutral

[LF]Myu Feral Gunbelt Black (Silver):[LF]/Genre

Modulus Sweater - Black:Modulus/TMD

[monso] My Ripped Jeans Black:[Monso]


.random.Matter. - Astronomer Set - Armillary Sphere [copper] & Guide Book:.random.Matter./Fantasy Gacha Carnival Nov

[CX]&[ContraptioN] The Barrel Joint Skybox 6th republic:*AF*/6th Republic

DRD motel - Polaroids & psycho desk items :DRD TAG gacha

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Blog 196

Fabulous Baker Boys.


Modulus - Braided Bun - Brown:Modulus/TMD

Tableau Vivant \\ Tox Skin (Tone 03):Tableau Vivant/TMD

.Inhale. New Kings Tattoo (Fresh):.Inhale./AnyBODY

::TI:: Wool Scarf + chains:::TI::/Sad November

[monso] My Ripped Jeans Black:[Monso]

[BODY FACTORY] Schott Sweater (knit-Grey):[BODY FACTORY]/Sad November

{Reverie} 'Chicago' Boots - Black:{Reverie}/TMD

Kei's RC Balloon Delivery pies & cupcakes:Kei's Spot/Fantasy Gacha Carnival Nov

[LJ] Wilbur's Shelf - Full:[LJ]/We<3RP Nov

*AF* Bake Shoppe set:*AF*/Fantasy Gacha Carnival Nov

[ zerkalo ] Rustic Dining Dark - Chair:[zerkalo]/We<3RP Nov

[blissiere] "thankful" wall art:[blissiere] Dirty Turkey Hunt

{Reverie} 'California Kicks' - Decor Anchor, Driftwood Heart,  Decor Boats, Coffee Bar Sign,  Drawers, Shelves & Seashell Frame:{Reverie}/6th Republic

*ionic* Recycled wall art & Because {paper roll}:*ionic*