Saturday, 26 April 2014

Tell me you didn't?


Blog 9: Tell me you didn't?


[INK] Hair___CHIGNON ::Black: [INK]
[KOOQLA] The Knight of the Rose: KOOQLA (TMD)
[Xtrem-Style]: Iluminatic Tattoo: [Xtreme-Style]

E-Clipse Denis Shirt  v2: E-clipse (MFW)

`[ dynasty ] - Suspender Pants - Pale Blue: [dynasty] (MFW)
Jeepers - Cairo - Wicker brogues: Jeepers (MFW)


Thursday, 24 April 2014



Blog 8: Departing.

[INK] Hair___CHIGNON ::Black: [INK]
[KOOQLA] The Knight of the Rose: KOOQLA (TMD)
[Deadwool] Mercury handbag - natural (black stripes):[Deadwool]

`Blvck Anchor`Black-Red Coat: Blvck Anchor

`Blvck Anchor` NT Wrapped GV7: Blvck Anchor
::GB::Plaids pants Gray: ::GB::

::GB::WT low cut_leopard: ::GB::

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Home Grown Hero.

Blog 7:Home Grown Hero.

[taketomi]_Norio_Dessin [DippuDye/Kage]: {taketomi}

[KOOQLA] The Knight of the Rose: Kooqla.(TMD)
*OAL* Dragon Pauldrons ~ Gold: OAL (This Seasons Story)
Tee*fy Food War Mania - Burgzooka: Tee*fy. (The Arcade)

::Pechushop Tee: ::Pechushop (Comic Fair)
BLK2.0 2LOW_Underpant (PACK HEROES): Balkanik2.0

FLite.-Flytop.001 Tan Canvas: Flite. (Kustom9)  (

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Parisian Rain.

Blog 6: Parisian Rain-
Boo Latoe and Seb Arkright.

Seb wears:
[INK] Hair___FOGLIA ::Coal(R: [INK]
[KOOQLA] The Knight of the Rose: Kooqla.(TMD)
 Kauna - XIV Jacket: Plaid Thistle.
Kauna - XIV Shirt: Floral Beige.
Kauna - XIV Trousers: Plaid Thistle.
  Vestige Rain Pose Fair.   
Boo wear:
  Action Joe Veganic Hair: Action.
Kauna - XIV Jacket: Plaid Earth.

Kauna - XIV Shirt: Floral Eggshell.

Kauna - XIV Trousers: Plaid Earth.

Niktone: Cigarette V4.  NikotiN 



Friday, 18 April 2014

This is the End.

Blog 5: This is the End...

Action Jimmy Flashed Hair: Action.

[KOOQLA] The Knight of the Rose: Kooqla.(TMD)
.Shi : Hesed Neck Warmer {Old Book}: Shi.
[ContraptioN] Undercity Scavenger *default mask*: Contraption. (TMD)

Lucien.Marcelo // FAUX LEATHER TANK VEST: Marketplace.
.Shi [Homme] : Outre - Leather Pants: Shi.
-DRD male bulletbelt: DRD.

[The Forge] Daerwen Armour: The Forge.

J's Studded Long boots: J's.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

I'm outta here.


Blog 4: I'm outta here.

*booN MLN447 hair black: booN
RO - California - Sequoia glasses: R.O (TMD)

Orion - Flannel with under tee: ORION(TMD)
[Pumpkin] Skintight pants: Pumpkin

[Deadwool] Klaus shoes - red: Deadwool

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Icarus Raises.


Blog 3: Icarus Raises.

51 Hair: Dura

Over the Shoulder Multi Strip Sweater: Coco (Chapter 4)

Jay Polo Shirt & Meimie Satchel: Xija (This Seaon's Story)
James Pants & Belt:Not So Bad

Leather Oxford Shoes:Monso