Thursday, 27 October 2016

Blog 160

And all world ceased to revolve.

.Shi Hair : Binah / Unisex . Dips:.shi

::GB::Body belt shirt / BK:::GB::/Bloody Horror

.Facade. :: Versus:.Facade.Men Only Monthly

grafica ~ gwyr i pose:graficaMen Only Monthly

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Blog 159

Ponder and wonder.

*Drot* -FRANKIE-:*DROT*Men Only Monthly


N-Uno - Vincent Jacket // N 1 // TMP,Vincent Pants // N 3 // TMP, Vincent Scraf // N 2 // TMP & Vincent Top // N 1 // TMP  :
N-UnoMen Only Monthly

[Z O O M] Zemith Watch:[ZOOM]Men Only Monthly


DRD - Autumn Log Camp - Fire Pit,  Lounge & table:-DRD-/Shiny Shabby

-David Heather-Pumpkin Vase/Gold:-David Heather-/Hallows Eve Gacha

Monday, 24 October 2016

Blog 158

Autumn Mornings.

With my youngest son Dylan.

Decor by Mickey and Alexia Dee 

:CHEVEUX:M093Hair Browns::CHEVEUX:Men Only Monthly

::K:: Cable Knit CD Homme(TMP) Black:::K::/Shiny Shabby

[Pumpkin] Ripped knees jeans- Black:[Pumpkin]


DRD - Autumn Log Camp - Pumpkins &  Firewood:-DRD-/Shiny Shabby

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Blog 157

Killer Movie.


[taketomi]_Juro_Balayage (wear):[taketomi]

David Heather-Hades Wide Brim Hat Black:-David Heather-/KUSTOM9

::K:: Cable Knit CD Homme(TMP) Black:::K::/Shiny Shabby

[AB] Deacon Jeans Black[AB]Men Only Monthly (Oct 20th)

BUENO-Seattle Boots-TMP-Grunge:BUENO

Modulus - Macabre Alleyway:Modulus/SwagBag

[CX] Juggerknot (Nailed):[CX]/SwagBag

[ContraptioN] Sospettoso's Slasher.*rust*:[ContraptioN]/SwagBag

DRD studios Camera, motel policetape,  Abandoned Store trash 1:-DRD-

XXY - Waiting fall 3 Mirror:XXY/MOH8 Hud

Monday, 10 October 2016

Blog 156

Magical moment.

With my son- Azza Streeter.  

Tableau Vivant \\ Edward hair:TV/TMD

[Z O O M] Alastor Eyepatch:[ZOOM]/SwagBag

-NIVARO- 3rd Gen Beard - Sexystubble (Soft) - black::-NIVARO-/Men Only Hunt (Hud)

:::Breath:::military shirt:::Breath::Men Only Monthly

...Scars... Denim Pants [Black]::...Scars.../TMD

BUENO-Seattle Boots-TMP-Grunge:BUENO

DRD-Magick Shoppe full set :-DRD-/Memento Mori

-David Heather-Ghost Book & Tray :-David Heather-/Halllows Eve Gacha

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Blog 155


SIM by Mickey Dee & Alexis Dee-Costello Wilson.



No. Head GAEL 1.5:NO!/Men Only Monthly

No.MINAL - King Beard LightBrown &  King Moustache LightBrown:NO!

::K:: Mod Jacket Homme(TMP) Glen-Check & pants:::K::/TMD

+BeBop+ rings REBEL:+BeBop+/Men Only Hunt (Hud)

-David Heather-Fred Sneakers/TMP/Sienna:-David Heather-

-David Heather-Vache Bag/Sienna:-David Heather-/K9

SKBIO: Cuatro pose:SKBIOMen Only Monthly

Culprit MicroCarro Pumpkin *SB:Culprit/SwagBag

DRD- The Black Dahlia HUNT-Dahlia's Decor Lantern 1, Tombstone Gone At Last, Lost Her Way Signs & Dahlia's Remains 3:-DRD-

-David Heather-Fred -David Heather-Golden Skeleton RARE, Pumpkin Tray & Pumpkin Vase/Gold:-David Heather-/Halllows Eve Gacha