Thursday, 28 July 2016

Blog 143

In the morning...

Decor by the talented zнασι ιηтαgℓισ

.:CHEVEUX:.M082 Hair Blacks:.:CHEVEUX:./Hair Fair

 ::K:: Oriental Night Gown Homme(TMP) Noir:::K::/Shiny Shabby

A&D Pants ~Costner~ MESH TMP:A&D/Boys of Summer

DaD DESIGN "Tribeca Loft" & Armchair:DaD DESIGN/Monsieur Chic (1st Aug)

 an lar [poses] The Quinn Series - Five:  an lar [poses]/MOM July

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Blog 142


{Speakeasy } Luis  Hair:{Speakeasy}/MOM July

 !NFINITY - Bullet Necklace:!NFINITY/Boys of Summer

PUNCH / Spiral Septum Swirl:PUNCH/Boys of Summer

OXIDE Ciaran Rings:OXIDE/Boys of Summer

 .Facade. :: Pieces FRESH tatoo:  .Facade./MOM July

[Deadwool] Pleated pants - short - black[Deadwool]

Inertia perpetual poseInertia

Friday, 22 July 2016

Blog 141


Featuring a few fellas: Caracal, & zнασι ιηтαgℓισ.

Modulus - Isaac Hair:Modulus/Shiny Shabby

 Ignition Art - Vampire Mask - Male Classic Compatible & Lex Gloves :Ignition Art

*Bolson / Tattoo - Odric (Fresh): *Bolson/MOM July
~Tantalum~ Henley Necklace 1:Tantalum/Boys of Summer

:::G.ID:::. Sovereign ArmBands Slink Full Black:G.ID/Boys of Summer

 [ Excellence ] Swordbelt_TMP:  [Excellence]/MOM July

[CX] Sawblade Axe Belt[CX]

[Pumpkin] Spiked jeans- TMP- Male[Pumpkin]

Le Poppycock *Lawless* Lone Ranger pose (Gun)Le Poppycock

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Blog 140

Smoking you away...

Tableau Vivant \\ Trey:TV/TV@Hair Fair

 !TLB - Arrowhead Necklace:The Little Bat/Boys of Summer

.Facade. :: Revolution_Sleeves FRESH: .Facade./Boys of Summer
Legal Insanity - Clay black shorts with shirt:Legal Insanity/MOM July

Scarlet Creative Carnaval Beach House:Scarlet CreativeLuxe Box

 -DRD- bohemain collection: -DRD- MP (mainstore is temp closed)/Shiny Shabby

DRD - Vintage suitcases-DRD- MP (mainstore is temp closed)

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Blog 139


*Dura-Boy*69- DARK COLOR:*Dura

 [CX] Decaying Beast Gacha:broken claws & talon, Decaying Chain Horn Dark (Hammered Metal) RARE & Decaying Silence gag:[CX]/Epiphany

[CX] Sai Kanzashi ( Black ): [CX]
:::Breath:::R16 long jacket typeB::::Breath:::

-Endless Pain Tattoos- Moth2:-Endless Pain-Boys of Summer

UC_Leather_thong_pants_: UC/TMD

Inertia - Heir apparent poseInertia poses

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Blog 138


Featuring my bro Mickey Dee.

[monso] My Hair - Tommen /Black Brown:[monso]TMD

::K:: Beach Shorts Homme(TMP) Black:::K::TMD

[Z O O M] Maiorn Glasses: [ZOOM]/MOM June
DRD- Camping - table -food, blue chair & yellow chair:DRDChapter Four

Modulus - Messengers Journal, Messengers Ledger & Messengers Map:ModulusWe<3RP

-David Heather-Vintage Camera: -David Heather-

Location:Orchard Heights By Mickey Dee