Friday, 31 July 2015

The End of Never Exhibition.

The End of Never.

Presenting my first exhibition, held by Windlight Gallery.

Opening 1st August until 31st.

Thank you to each person; family 

and friend; sponsor and fellow 

photographer; creator 

and sim 

builder, for inspiring me to 

do what I do. 

Without so many of you, I would

 never have had the courage 

and belief to do so.


Thursday, 30 July 2015

Blog 172


[SWaGGa] Wood Elf Mask:  [SWaGGa]/Fantasy Collective

Lovely Disarray/.Quirky . - Reaper Horns - Midnight .Quirky./Lovely Disarray MP/The Manga Fair

[CX] The Wanderer Scarf (Dirt):  [CX]

.Inhale. Palisades Sleeves: .Inhale./Lexi Project

::GB::Grow tank top(TMP)_black crow back print:::GB::/Men Only Monthly

[SWaGGa] Demon Gloves:[SWaGGa]


DRD: post apocalytpic nerd - neckwrap red, Post apocalyptic Prostethic lower right, Post apocalytpic staff,  -zombie apoc - antivirusstrap,  -zombie apoc - belt the end, -zombie apoc - survival legstrap, postopocap Boots & postopocap male Machette  :DRD

Friday, 24 July 2015

Blog 171


[SWaGGa] ApocTrooper v2 GLOW (Onyx) [SWaGGa]/The End

Zibska ~ Killian Collar Zibska/The End

[AR2 Style] 1981 Tatto:[AR2 Style]/Men Only Monthly

DRD key necklace - rust, demonhands & postopocap Belt:DRD

[CX] Zip Up Bracelets (Silver):  [CX]/KUSTOM9

[CX] Arm Piercings (TMP)(Black): [CX]/IDK

[CX] Serpent Eye (Obsidian):[CX]/Wizarding Fair

[CX] Tsukiyomi's Halo (Black) RARE:[CX]/The Epiphany

.ARISE. Dera Necklace:.ARISE./Fantasy Collective

:(SH): BloodyMary - GarterShot - BlackSilver::(Sh):/Genre

:Enigma: Ragnar [Kilt] Black::Enigma:/Secret Affair

Fantasy Gacha Carnival...

The Fantasy Gacha event is back, opening 12th August. 

FGC Website

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Blog 170

All At Sea.


Tableau Vivant // Unkempt hair:  Tableau Vivant/Shiny Shabby

.ARISE. Stretch Snails :  .ARISE./Oh My Gacha

[AR2 Style] Talisman Tattoo:[AR2 Style]/Men Only Monthly

RE Arjen neklace:RealEvil/Men Only Monthly

sharp by [ZD] KRESTEN RIPPED ROLLED UP JEANS do the laundry :Sharp/Men Only Monthly

[CX] Zip Up Bracelets (Silver):  [CX]/KUSTOM9

Flite. -Court Slides - Blk Metallic -:  Flite

[SWaGGa] Monkey Swim Ring RARE & Turtle Swim Ring RARE:[SWaGGa]

.::Cubic Cherry::.{NIJI cafe} Milkshakes & Donuts :.:: Cubic Cherry::./Candy Fair

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Blog 169

And the Flames went Higher.


Tableau Vivant // Last train home Tableau Vivant/Hair Fair

::SG:: Frog face makeup:Slack Girl/The End

.ARISE. Face Tag / Forgotten .ARISE./Oh My Gacha

[AR2 Style] The Born Evil Tattoo:[AR2 Style]

[CX] Restrained Demons Horns & Talon Nails:[CX]

[CX] Lethal Talons (Black) TMP:[CX]/Romp

Goth1c0: Leather Mask 2:  Goth1c0/Romp

:Enigma: Muffler Black:  :Enigma:

.:Angel of Metal:. Medieval Bracelets:.:Angel of Metal:./Arena

[SWaGGa] Dirty Boy Cuff Harness & Chains Set:[SWaGGa]/Romp

[BODY FACTORY] Kombat Pants(Blood-Black):[BODY FACTORY]

{NR} THE END Poses:{NR}/The End

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Blog 168

Don't Look Back In Anger.

.:CHEVEUX:.F067 Hair Partymix .:CHEVEUX:./Hair Fair

[SWaGGa] SWNY Glasses - Black:[SWaGGa]/Oh My Gacha

.ARISE. Face Whip Scar No. 2 .ARISE./Romp

.Inhale. Emarosa ll: Alerion Tattoo:.Inhale./Chapter four

[CX] Tako Gauges(Radical Black):[CX]/This Seasons Story

[CX] Split Septum (Black):[CX]/TMD

[Deadwool] Thoreau backpack - amour noir:  [Deadwool]/Chapter four

[Deadwool] Hugo shirt - denim grey:  [Deadwool]/TMD

::TI:: Necklace Rope . Black:::TI::/Cosmopolitan 

SPIRIT - Elysha ripped jeans [BLACK]:SPIRIT/TMD

{NR} THE END Poses:{NR}/The End

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Hair Fair 2015.

Every transaction made at Hair Fair will donate a portion to Wigs for Kids, the charity of choice for Hair Fair 2015. 

Hair Fair website.

Bandana Day is 26th July, where we remove our hair to show we care. All bandannas sold at hair fair have been created by Residents, all over SL and 100% of sales of those go to Wigs for Kids, and are only available for sale during this event, and destroyed after it ends. They will be transfer, so you can gift them..

Join the Hair Fair Demo Group, where all styles will be sent by participants on the 10th July-

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Blog 167.

Candy Coated.

~Tableau Vivant~ Morgan hair:  Tableau Vivant/Shiny Shabby

[CX] Hundred Chain Horns (Chained+ Black),Bone Tail v1.2 (Black), Lethal Talons (Black) TMP & Soldered Armlet(Onyx)[CX]

.HoD. - Elegy Facial Paint:H.o.D

.Inhale. Diem Tattoo:.Inhale./Suicide Dollz

A i i- + Mouth Stitching +Aii Ugly Beautiful

[CX] Split Piercing & Septum(Black):[CX]/TMD

Goth1c0: Spiked Leather Collar:  Goth1c0/Romp

:Diamante: Captured Souls Necklace::Diamante:/Boys of Summer

AITUI - Rocker Bracelet - Black:AITUI/Boys of Summer

Zibska - Hlodovic ~ Pauldrons :Zibska/Arena

[ abrasive ] Handcuff Studded Belt:[abrasive]


[Deadwool] Patmos boots - black:[Deadwool]