Blog 169

And the Flames went Higher.


Tableau Vivant // Last train home Tableau Vivant/Hair Fair

::SG:: Frog face makeup:Slack Girl/The End

.ARISE. Face Tag / Forgotten .ARISE./Oh My Gacha

[AR2 Style] The Born Evil Tattoo:[AR2 Style]

[CX] Restrained Demons Horns & Talon Nails:[CX]

[CX] Lethal Talons (Black) TMP:[CX]/Romp

Goth1c0: Leather Mask 2:  Goth1c0/Romp

:Enigma: Muffler Black:  :Enigma:

.:Angel of Metal:. Medieval Bracelets:.:Angel of Metal:./Arena

[SWaGGa] Dirty Boy Cuff Harness & Chains Set:[SWaGGa]/Romp

[BODY FACTORY] Kombat Pants(Blood-Black):[BODY FACTORY]

{NR} THE END Poses:{NR}/The End


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