Blog 76.

Hunt or be Hunted.


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*Soonsiki! Kaleidoscope *Blacks*:*Soonsik! 

~*Souzou Eien*~ ~*S.E.*~ Mephistopheles Horns: S.E /Mystic Realms Fair.  

.HW. Thana -Headpiece-: HollyWerid / Body Mod.  

.HW. Hex -Dermal/Piercing (Black Widow)RARE: HollyWerid / URBAN UNITED // HALLOWEEN BLACKOUT  

. aisling . Yrs - Fantasy Earrings: .aisling. / Tales of Fantasy. (13th Oct)  

- .HoD. - E L E G Y MESH Facial  Piercings & Makeup Set: .HoD.

.Inhale. Unforgiven Tattoo :.Inhale. / Body Mod.  

* May's Soul* Titania scarf & Moon staff: * May's Soul* / Mystic Realms Fair.  

 -Fox.Poison- Silver Feathers(Red: -Fox. Posion- / Mystic Realms Fair.  

DRD- Medieval bracers:DRD/ Mystic Realms Fair. 

[The Forge] Chain Mail Vest: [The Forge] / Mystic Realms Fair.  

[Gauze] Sleepy Hollow - Demon Hooves & Fenrir-Pauldrons:[Gauze]/ Mystic Realms Fair. 

RACK Poses - Crusade with axe: RACK



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