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 Barber Shop / David:Barber ShopMOM

       -NU- Neck Warmer: -NU-MOM

::K:: Levi Hacking Jacket Homme HerringboneTweed-Black: ::K::TMD

 .S..: Raw Cut Denim - Black.S.     

[Deadwool] Patmos boots - black uber: [Deadwool]

[AR2 Style] Black 1987 Tattoo : [AR2 Style]/HME

-IC Poses- Single Pack Male 4 (e):-IC Poses- /HME

DRD - Spiritualists Shoppe - Storefront (full set):DRDSeason of the Witch

DRD - GG - Disgruntled Cat Perch:DRD

-DRD- The Bloodcroft HUNT; Hunters Case, Hunters Scrolls, Hunters Wolfsbane, Hunters Holy Water, Hunters Garlic,  Hunters Candle, Hunters Flintlock  & - Hunters Bible :DRD


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