Blog 165.

And it all fell down...

~Tableau Vivant~ Salty Tableau Vivant/Summer Fest.

:Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::.{Nai} silver haloCubic Cherry/One Word

Yasum*MESH*UnderCut  Scarf*REDS: Yasum/Arena (July1st)

- .HoD. - KYO Mesh Facial Piercing - Slide: .HoD.

.ARISE. Sila Facepaint.ARISE./Fantasy Collective

F.A.T Lust Sleeveless Blazer(Black Out)F.A.T/Men Only Monthly

MadMax black Pants, boots & elbow pads:  MempaMale/Arena (July1st)

AITUI - Rocker Bracelet - Black:AITUI/Boys of Summer

[CX] Metal Claws Rogue & Dragon Scale Necklace Chrome:[CX]

[CX] Sake Set Origami Event:[CX]


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