Blog 134

The Taste.

Modulus - Helix HairBase - darks1:ModulusTMD

*Dura-Boy*69- DARK COLOR:DuraTMD

[CX] Tongue, Rugged Collar - Black & Ironclad Claws (Black): [CX]
TABOU. Eclipse collar- Black:TABOUWe<3RP

TABOU. Fingertapes +Rings BLACK, Leather& spicked chain Necklace - Gold &  Grunge Gloves BLACK:TABOU

UC_leather_harness_all in 1_men_Tmp:UCTMD

.Facade. :: Shadows FRESH:.Facade.MOM June

-David Heather-Prado Oxfords/Slink/Black:-David Heather-MOM June

[CX] Pose playtime: [CX]

-David Heather-New Antique Gacha:Piggy Table RARE, Antler Seat, Wine Phone, Travel Chess, Binocular Lamp, Golden Apple Bowl,Golden Wall Fan, Fur Coat Rack RARE, Umbrella Bag/Black & Vulkan Trumpet:-David Heather-Arcade June

-DRD- The gardenhouse terrace table:-DRD-/Shiny Shabby

DRD VR bed:-DRD-

Scarlet Creative Alaouite Skybox Prefab Luxebox:Scarlet Creative /Luxe Box


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