Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Blog 125


~Tableau Vivant~ Rays Skin - Tone 03 
B O D Y L I N E#TMP appliers~Tableau Vivant~

~Tableau Vivant~ Facial hair - Jawline - Dark~Tableau Vivant~/TMD

.Aphotic. 2 Rogue's Head Body's Oh My Flag (UltraRare) .Aphotic.Fantasy Gacha Carnival

.ARISE.Gudu Facepaint HARD (tintable):.ARISE./Thrift Shop

.Inhale. Machines Tattoo:.Inhale./Thrift Shop

 [Demonic]RARE Destruction face Tattoo:[Demonic]/  Fantasy Gacha Carnival

[V/W] Fairy Catcher Mask - 03 RARE & Sundial Bracer - ULTRA RARE:[V/W]Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Eudora3D StormWind Arm Pad, Belt & Neck Black:Eudora3D/ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

TURB - The Rogue Black Male boots, chest plate, belt & shoulder plate :TURBFantasy Gacha Carnival

Stitched-Rattleshirt- Black:[Stitched]We <3 RP

Bliensen + MaiTai - Taranis - Armbands and Bracelets: Bliensen + MaiTaiWe <3 RP

Candy Crunchers - Rogue Weapon 2 Hooks & Claws:Candy Crunchers /Fantasy Gacha Carnival

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