Saturday, 14 June 2014

Damned before daylight.

 Blog 28:Damned before daylight.

 If the mate had arisen.

~Tableau Vivant~ Winter:~Tableau Vivant~
FDD GS *Rhaina* Tiara golden - RARE: FDD(Tales of Fantasy)

FDD GS *Rhaina* EyeMask golden: FDD(Tales of Fantasy)
FDD GS *Rhaina* Shoulders golden:FDD(Tales of Fantasy)
*OAL* Bliss Collar RARE: OAL

Peqe - Toga Scarf (ULTRA RARE):Peqe(Tales of Fantasy)

 . a i s l i n g . Jahanem -GOLD septum-: .aisling.(We <3 Roleplay)

.aisling. Eunice - Arms Gold: .aisling.(Tales of Fantasy)

.aisling. Eunice - Hands Gold: .aisling.(Tales of Fantasy)

.aisling. Eunice - Bracelets Gold: .aisling.(Tales of Fantasy)
...Scars...Shirring sarrouel pants [Beige]: Scars  (TMD)

[The Forge] Aphrodite's Bracers, Lower Leg (Gold):The Forge  (Tales of Fantasy)



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