Blog 104

Whiter Shade of Green.

.~Tableau Vivant~ Breeze: ~Tableau Vivant~ /

~Tableau Vivant~ Rays Skin - Tone 01: ~Tableau Vivant~We <3 RP

- .HoD. - Elegy Facial Paint-.HoD.- 

- .HoD. - Creation.JP & LUST Mesh Nipple Piercings:-.HoD.-  /

[CX] Hundred Chain Horns (Chained+ Black): [CX] / Uber (30th Dec)

[K]- Asha tattoo:[Karma] / Victims of Ink

[The Forge] Scale Hand Guards - Silver :[The Forge] /We <3 RP

[Haste] Spiked Hematite Mens arms: [Haste]

.Shi [Homme] : Outre - Leather Pants.Shi

*LE* Iron Wings Onyx: *LE* 

Scythe black:~Siren's Call~ MP


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