Blog 147

Kissed by Dragon's Breath.

Fantasy Fair 2015- Relay for Life.
A must for all Fantasy lovers, so many sims I lost count and all created with flare and imagination. Amazing! 

Clef de Peau:JasonClef de Peau / Men Only Monthly

/Wasabi Pills/ Jaden Mesh Hair:/Wasabi Pills// Fantasy Fair

- .HoD. - Royal Eyeshadow:.HoD.

:[P]:- Chrysophylax Horns:// Techno:[Plastik]/ Fantasy Fair

.::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations:{Kii~ chalk}horns:::Cubic Cherry::/ Fantasy Fair

.ARISE. Gota Horns / White:.ARISE.

:[ET]: FF Dragon Scales - Dark TMP appliers::[ET]:/ Fantasy Fair

GW Barbarian Black: bracer, chest strap, pants & fur:Gypsy Wolf/ Fantasy Fair

[Stitched] Gorget (Plain):[Stitched]/ Fantasy Fair

[CX] Tama-hana Kanzashi:[CX]/ Creators's Box

 Material Squirrel-Nireus Wings - Dark Scales ~:Material Squirrel/ Fantasy Fair

The Dark Fae's Dragon Dagger Bands BLACK:The Dark Fae/ Fantasy Fair

[CX] Cephalopods Wrap (Shining Silver) RARE:[CX]

[Gauze] Alchemist Staff - Power:[Gauze]/ Fantasy Fair

OAL*/*SP* RPGear - War Horn - ULTRA - White:OAL


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