Blog 202

The Wonder of it all.

Tableau Vivant \\ Avery hair [Svelte Guy]:Tableau Vivant/We<3RP

[CX] Necktie TMP (black):[CX]/Gen-Neutral

[BODY FACTORY] Hipster Vest (Black):[Body Factory]/Winter Trend

...Scars... Skinny Jeans [Black]:Scars

!APHORISM! Brogue Boots Black:!APHORISM!/TMD

Scarlet Creative Rakkaus Skybox 1:Scarlet Creative/C88

*AF* Christmas 2015: tree, presents, Paper Tree Trio, Bake Shoppe Wood Pile :*AF*/We<3RP

{RW} Tarkhan Candelabra - Left & Wall Sconce - Tall Candle:{RW}/We<3RP

O.M.E.N - Waiting for Santa Paws - Hicuppy Beagle RARE:O.M.E.N/The Arcade

Pixel Mode - Remington - Snowglobe - Pewter:Pixel Mode/The Arcade


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