Blog 220

When the drugs don't work.

Modulus -Bjorn Hair - FatPack:Modulus/TMD

TABOU. My deer HeadpieceTABOU/Secret Affair

[CX] Celestial Halo (Black):[CX]

[CX] Ironclad Claws Black & Rugged Collar - Black:[CX]/The Gathering

[ Excellence ] Mantle_Ronin_BlackGrey, pants &  Sneakers:[ Excellence ]/MOM

UrbnW. Arrow/Tag Chain - Onyx:UrbnW. //MOM

.Inhale. Eyes set to Kill Sleeves {Fresh}:.Inhale. /MOM

-DRD- SC Crack House, Antique Store floor items,broken table, beer on table, hanging clothes  :-DRD- /The Arcade (March)


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