Blog 145

By my side.

Featuring the lovely sis Addie.

[monso] My Hair - Tyrion /Brown:[monso]/TMD

!TLB - Tribal Hook Necklace/Silver:!The Little Bat/Boys of Summer

::K:: Open Collar Shirts Homme(No Inner)(TMP) Pattern-Mint:::K::/TMD

::K:: Roll-Up Pants Homme(TMP) White:::K::

 [Noche] Chain Bracelet Silver [left]:[Noche] MP/Monsieur Chic

GUTCHI - REP Watch w/Brac:GUTCHI MP/Monsieur Chic

-DRD- summer dock:-DRD-/Liaison Collaboration

-DRD- Rustic bedroom mini gacha; chests &  poofwith books:-DRD-/Chapter four

-David Heather-Wine Case/Open & Dinner Basket::-David Heather-


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