Blog 49.

 To the Battle Born.


Kei's War Map Table: Kie's. /Tales of Fantasy (August 10th)

Scythe ~ Siren's Call: Siren's Call MP. /Tales of Fantasy (August 10th)

Riske - Ritual Tattoo: Riske

7ravens bloody bandages: 7ravens

+ Mouth Stitching +: Aii the Ugly and Beautiful
FDD *Noreen of War* Necklace Antique: FDD/Tales of Fantasy (August 10th)

:(SH):Battle Standard - Red Rust: (SH)/Tales of Fantasy (August 10th)

Bliensen + MaiTai -  Fenrir - Armband & Bracelet - gold: Bliensen + MaiTai/Tales of Fantasy (August 10th) 

[SG] Njord Shoulder - Iron: Stitched Gods/Tales of Fantasy (August 10th) 
Peqe - Viking_Black/Grey Fur: Peqe
:ENIGMA: Battle Kilt: :ENIGMA:/Tales of Fantasy (August 10th)

Pose Del May-  Eyes to sky: Del May



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