Blog 57

Lord I'm a Voodoo Chile.



~Tableau Vivant~Nyoki Hair - Solstice: ~Tableau Vivant~ /  We <3 rp.

- .HoD. - Decay Mesh Piercings and tattoo: .HoD. / TnR

- .HoD. - E L E G Y Mesh Facial  Piercings & Makeup: .HoD.We <3 rp.

{ DATUM } Lord-ess septum: {DATUM} 

.Inhale. Fright Night ~Zombiefied~: .inhale.
-DRD- Witch doctor mask: -DRD- /Fantasy Collective

Voodoo Crown, Collar & Bracelet - Sweet Lies: Sweet lies. / Fantasy Collective

[LF] The Islander Set- hand chain, axe belt & Knife: Le Forme /Fantasy Collective

FLite.- Industrial Gliders "Grunge" sneakers: FLite/District 5



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