Blog 85

Sound of Silence.


.Olive. the Crash Hair: .Olive. /Sad November   

- .HoD. - Elegy Facial Paint & Ineach Face Paints: -.H.o.D.- 

+ Corruption Claws: + The Ugly & Beautiful Designs + 

Yasum*MESH*Fly Away with Me*EPIC:Yasum Fantasy Gacha Carnival (4th Nov)  

~*S.E.*~ Blast Goggles:~*S.E*~ / A Tattered Page (Nov 7th) (7th Nov)

[Gauze] Sleepy Hollow satyr legs: [Gauze] 

[LJ] Adventurer's Talisman - The Serpent:[Lost Junction] / Fantasy Gacha Carnival (4th Nov)  

:Z.S: Spider chest implant: :Zombie. Suicide / Sad November  

::EQ:: Tigris Bicep Straps: ::Equinox:: / Fantasy Gacha Carnival (4th Nov)  

~*S.E.*~ The Master's Cello & Stool~*S.E*~ / We <3 Roleplay (4th Nov) 


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