Blog 95.

Take All and Give Nothing Back.

Yasyn - Greater - Cafe Pack hair: Yasyn

- .HoD. -  E L E G Y MESH Facial Makeup Set: -. HoD.- 

-DRD- vampire borg face: -DRD-

[CX] Lucifer's Collar & Cuffs:[CX] / Uber (31st Nov)

DAPPA - Alma Tattoo.: Dappa / Victims of Ink.

7mad;Ravens Whip.Lash & Bloody Hands: 7mad;Ravens / Blood Letters Hunt

[Haste] Spiked Hematites: Haste / We <3 RP

~*S.E.*~ Heartless  (Mesh Body Modification): ~* S.E.*~

Luas Vega Bracelets Up Black RARE:  Luas / FGC 

[The Forge] Stomach Belt Male, Black: The Forge

.Shi : Outre [Homme] {Black}: .shi

HISbleeding.heart Pose: Le Patio Inc


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