Blog 109

Angel Faced.

Featuring Avery McAlistor: Phant0m-pain

~Tableau Vivant~ Hatsuhi (New Year Group gift): ~Tableau Vivant~

~Tableau Vivant~ Rays Skin - Tone 01: ~Tableau Vivant~

-H.o.D- Apocalypto Tintable Chest Paint,Cathaoirmore Face Paint - White Smoke & The Dead make up: -H.o.D-

[CX] Chained Bridge (Silver), Bitten Box Silver & Cephalopods Wraps : [CX] 

7mad;Ravens Raindrop Crown-White7mad;Ravens. We <3 RP (Jan15)

/h/ Satyr Horns Black/h/

::TI:: Circlet of kingdom - Old Silver:::TI:: 

[The Forge] Scale Collar & Hand Guards - Silver[The Forge] 

::Axix::SavelShoulders: ::Axix::

*May's Soul* Born to war cuff*May's Soul* 

.Shi : Outre [Homme] pants {Black}: .Shi.

=Zenith= (Black) Hunter Waist Bag=Zenith= We <3 RP (Jan15)

BLACK HAUS - Wingness Black:BLACK HAUS CarnEvil 

RACK Poses - Celestial Beings: RACK Poses 


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