Blog 112

Becoming A Wasteland.

MINA Hair - Sid: MINA

~Tableau Vivant~ Rays Skin - Tone 01: ~Tableau Vivant~

:: D-Style - Yara Jewel set::Necklace w spikes:CarnEvil round 3

[SWaGGa] Flyboy Headgear v2 RARE & Flyboy Pads - Black RARE:[SWaGGa]/ Oh My Gacha

[BUC] War Face Paint & "Tagless" Outcast BackpackBUC MOH5 

.Inhale. Council of the Dead.Inhale. MOH5

[CX] Wrapped Ring[CX] MOH5

::TI:: Frozen Ball Cap - Cool::TI:: MOH5

Skinny Leather Black::*L'Emporio Di Bru*


[SWaGGa] Casual RP Boots:[SWaGGa]/ We <3 RP

(epia) - Pandemic Mask (post-apoc) RARE, Binoculars & Burlap Doll(epia)


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