Blog 186

It's a book burning.

NO.MATCH_NO.PAST hair:NO.MATCH/Men Only Monthly September

.ARISE. Rowa Antlers / Dark Stone .ARISE. Dot Hand Tattoo:.ARISE./IDK

.ARISE. Dot Hand Tattoo:.ARISE./Cosmetic Fair

Goth1c0: Blind Demon eyes:Goth1c0/Body Mod

.Inhale. Unstoppable Face Tattoo:.Inhale./Saving Sight

[NikotiN]Pipe SteamPunk (Brown) RARE:[NikotiN]

**RE** ReVoX Unleashed Necklace :**RE**/Men Only Monthly September

Legal Insanity - cassidy shirt with vest leather:Legal Insanity/Men Only Monthly September

[Pumpkin] TMP.- Skintight pants:[Pumpkin]


 -DRD- Mystery mansion: library books, library desk, library bookshelves, suitcases pile, library  steps & Mystery mansion  :DRD/ The Arcade

 .::Cubic Cherry::.11{Magic Shop} ancient books A & B:::Cubic Cherry::

Eternal Dream - Spells pose:Eternal Dreams


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