Blog 188

The Waiting.

Meva Cowboy hat & Meva Mens September Collar + Necklace:Meva/Men Only Monthly September

.[CX] Feline Septum (Silver):.[CX]/Uber

. Quirky . - Blind Mode - Spiked - ALL THE THINGS:.Quirky./The Nightmare event (Oct 1st)

::GB:: pudding vest in tank (TMP) black:Meva/Men Only Monthly September

::TI:: Hunter Backpack - dark:::IT::/Men Only Monthly September

[AR2 Style] Pyrates Tattoo - Dark Tone:[AR2 Style]

MINIMAL - Barrow Bracelet BrownSilver RARE:MINIMAL/Men Only Monthly September

.[CX] Skull rings (Silver):.[CX]/Men Only Monthly September

![Hypnotik]Jeans GREY city belt:![Hypnotik]/Men Only Monthly September


XXY - He is a Man 8 pose:XXY/Men Only Monthly September

 -DRD- Mystery mansion: couch, lamp flickering, frames, radio & bed:DRD/ The Arcade

DRD- fleamarket 1 - ukelele,  french WW1 SMLE, antique clock,  stack of plates, antique small cabinet, globe, large old cabinet &  candle:DRD/ Lost and Found

{Reverie} Day Dream - Autumn Pack; Aged Chest, World's End Clock,  Dreamers Dresser, Wooden Birds - Dark Autumn &  Dreamers Frame:{Reverie}/ Shiny Shabby

 .::Cubic Cherry::.06 {SHROOM!} windy & 09 {SHROOM!} together ::Cubic Cherry::/ Kawaii Project

8f8 - Storyteller's Burrow - Garden House RARE & Out of Tea:8f8/ The Arcade

 * SORGO - Old Books: *SORGO

-David Heather-Goldstone Bag/Black & Shotguns: -David Heather-


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